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The ideal location for restorative healing, offering drug & alcohol detox and residential rehabilitation services in peaceful, secluded Crescent City, Florida.

We treat a wide range of addiction and behavioral health conditions including dual diagnosis, drug addiction, and alcoholism. We accept most insurance carriers.

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    Our Residential Rehab in Crescent City

    Located on 30 acres of serene nature surrounded by grand oak trees and majestic Crescent Lake, our main campus is the ideal location for therapeutic healing from alcohol and drug addiction. Here, we offer drug and alcohol detox and residential rehabilitation services for men and women 18 and older.

    Nestled between North and Central Florida, Crescent City is known for its Old Florida ambiance and small-town charm, welcoming you with open arms and surrounding you with a peacefulness that’s hard to find nowadays. Our fully-renovated addiction treatment facility offers a clean and comfortable atmosphere to begin your recovery journey. With semi-private rooms and comfortable amenities, a full commercial kitchen with on-site chef, and numerous recovery therapies for a restorative, holistic experience.

    As one of the leaders in the behavioral health industry, we are committed to providing the best quality care. Our drug and alcohol detox and residential services are tailored to your individual needs. And our unique ability to treat co-occurring mental health disorders means that you receive a more comprehensive therapy program, allowing for deeper healing. Some of the distinctive programs we offer as a holistic addiction rehab include neuro integration therapy, mindfulness meditation, equine therapy, and so much more! 

    And that small-town charm of the city? It resonates into our rehab center too. One of the biggest compliments we get is that our staff become like a second family to our clients. 

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    Don’t just take our word for it, read what others say about our Florida rehab program! Whether speaking to past clients, current inpatient residents, staff members, or other businesses and their professionals, SJRP Florida drug rehab has received praise and glowing reviews from almost everyone they encounter.

    The Cost of Treatment Shouldn’t Be a Burden

    We Accept Most Health Insurance Plans

    Many clients are surprised at how affordable their treatment is with the help of their health insurance. At our addiction and recovery center, the goal is to make sure that anyone who needs treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can get help. Find out if your insurance covers our Florida drug and alcohol rehab center. Click the Verify Online button below to get started.

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    Let’s be honest, drug and alcohol rehab is not exactly easy or fun. But at SJRP Crescent City, we try to alleviate some of the stress by making you feel comfortable and well taken care of. By keeping your mind and body occupied while exposing you to opportunities for growth and joy, we hope to make your recovery journey more tolerable, and yes, even fun!  

    • Numerous recovery therapies including art, music, and equine therapy
    • Fully renovated facility
    • Semi-private rooms and bathrooms
    • On-site kitchen providing delicious chef-prepared meals
    • Snack bar open 24/7 with light snacks, fresh fruit, and drinks
    • Meditation areas
    • Music stage with various instruments
    • Game area, including video games
    • Basketball court
    • Weekly outings to natural springs, beach, boating, and gym
    • Themed days to inspire fun and socialization such as BBQs and Pizza nights

    Dual Diagnosis Treatment

    For individuals suffering from co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders, recovery can be significantly more difficult. Often, people undergo addiction rehab and mental health treatment separately, but integrating psychotherapy into an addiction treatment program is proven most effective.

    SJRP offers high-quality dual diagnosis treatment with a team of providers who understand the complexities between substance abuse and mental health issues.

    Integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders allows our clients to receive consistent and cohesive information while being supported and empowered to move past their illness and achieve their recovery goals.


    At SJRP, we utilize traditional and complementary evidence-based therapies to create a more wholesome and therapeutic drug and alcohol rehab program. 

    Our dedicated team is comprised of Certified Addiction Professionals, Master’s Level Clinicians, and multidisciplinary trained staff to provide you with the utmost in quality and comprehensive care.

    Most importantly, what sets us apart from every other rehab facility in the area is our dedication to treating you and supporting you as an individual. We focus on building connections and helping you heal emotionally, physically, and psychologically. 

    Our service levels and therapies include:

    Holistic Treatment

    Mindfulness Programming

    Eco-Based Therapy

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Art Therapy

    Equine Therapy

    Massage Therapy

    Music Therapy

    Animal Assisted Therapy

    Individual Therapy

    NeuroIntegration Therapy

    Trauma-Informed Group Session

    Experience Real Recovery.

    We treat a wide range of addiction and behavioral health conditions including dual diagnosis, drug addiction and alcoholism. We accept most insurance carriers.

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