Catherine Anania

Director of Operations

Catherine is a true Hero in recovery, and a fabulous mother to a beautiful, amazing daughter. Catherine is also a candidate to receive her Certification in Addiction Counseling (CAC), which will facilitate her life-long dream: Supporting an interdependent-humanity embracing shared acts of heroism which restore courage and hope. It’s a philosophy where Heroes change the course of history by helping those who seek the support they need without feeling ashamed or isolated. Catherine is passionate about breaking the stigma associated with addiction, she attests that transparency and acceptance play vital roles in rebuilding lives: “We each accept and own the responsibility of our addiction and by this virtue and commitment we change.” She leads the SJRP mission and vision inspired by the personal journeys of survivors. Catherine is clearly a powerful and motivational representation of why SJRP is so distinctly special. She embodies a belief that the potential for heroism lives within each of us is waiting to be realized, and why there is a need to rise to the call for heroic action! Catherine is the manifestation of change, regardless of external obstacles and internal tests of fortitude. She serves at SJRP, with her boundless enthusiasm, conviction and support—a mission that will unite global support endorsing these heroic efforts.

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