Erica Rainey

BHT/ Case Management Deland

Erica Rainey was born and raised in Winter Park Fl and for the past 18 years has called Deland Fl home. For as long as she can remember, her true desire has been to help others. Her deep sense of empathy has inspired her to pursue a career in mental health. The common theme from her years of work experience from entry-level to management is her passion for people. After years of working in the field of beauty, she was inspired to shift her focus after her family was impacted by addiction firsthand. She decided to make a change and help others who were going through a similar struggle. Instead of helping others to focus on their external beauty, she has a passion to help those see their inner beauty. The sense of understanding Erica possesses makes a world of difference to those who are fighting their inner demons.. Erica’s main goal is to become a certified addiction counselor and focus on groups and individuals who are on the path of healing. Erica continues to flourish here at SJRP and we are excited to see her next steps.

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