Jessica Servello

Case Management

Jessica is a recovering addict, and is very grateful to be working at SJRP. 4 years ago, Jessica had nowhere to go, she was living out of her car in her home state of New Jersey. She was sure she was near the end of her life and was uncertain if she would be on the earth much longer. She was using what little fight she had just to get by another day. Luckily, she had someone that still cared about her over everything she was going through, and that person helped her get into treatment. She says “That was the thing that saved my life and also changed my life from then on”. Jessica moved to Florida, and she reconnected with her family after her treatment and started the journey to recovery. She started to get back on her feet, and was presented with a job opportunity that she never imagined would be offered to her. Giving back to other’s who are struggling with the same issues she had struggled with for years. Now Jessica is an outstanding employee who works in Case Management, ensuring clients here at SJRP get aftercare plans to successfully continue on the right path to recovery.

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