Regina Defranco

Lead Neurointegration Specalist

Regina DeFranco is the Lead NIT Specialist in Neurointegration Therapy (NIT). She was a Department of Defense (DOD) Camp Zama, Japan graduate and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Florida State College at Jacksonville with a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S). She is on the board of several non-profit organizations, served as a Charter President for the Crescent City Lions Club, and is a professional advocate and grant writer supporting educational improvement for economically disadvantaged children and families. Having gained undergraduate and post-graduate research experience in neurobiology, organic chemistry, and technical writing, Regina was commissioned to assist physicians as a Technical Publishing Supervisor, disseminating newest research for publication featured in progressive Neural Regenerative Research (NRR); an international peer-reviewed open access (OA) journal focused on brain and peripheral nerve injury, neurodegenerative diseases, and neuroimaging. Her work in Neuroscience morphed into Applied Behavior Analysis and working with children in the autism spectrum. Regina’s interest grew in neuroplasticity and in early childhood brain development while comparing different pedagogies, thus, moving her to open a private school specifically for children 1 through 6 years of age; a program facilitating highly gifted children in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Music (STEAM), for preschoolers. When Regina met SJRP’s Michelle and Catherine, she knew it was time to change gears because she too wanted to help families suffering with addictions—keeping them together. After all, addiction-recovery is comprised of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis (rewiring and healing the addicted brain), and now research substantiates neuroplasticity can happen at any time in life; not just in childhood. Regina was inspired to join and serve the SJRP Mission and Vision and now works in the Neuroscience department. SJRP’s Neurointegration Therapy (NIT), is based upon the neurophysiology of the brain and how it governs every function of the body, yet, it empowers the client by virtue of harnessing the brain’s amazing ability to restore itself and all its systems to full potential

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