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At St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP), we work to empower, inspire, lead, give, teach, and provide our clients with opportunities to grow and learn to rebuild their lives. Drug and alcohol rehab is difficult at times, but working through these difficulties allows clients to learn valuable lessons, build stronger foundations for themselves and their families, and equip themselves with the tools they need to live a happy, healthy, productive, and resilient lifestyle. Our vision is to create a quality facility filled with the most holistic and innovative treatment techniques in the most serene and peaceful atmosphere, lead and provide clients with versatile recovery options that can help save them and other people’s lives.

Our program and support do not end once clients have completed inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation or finished all the multifaceted therapies they enrolled in. When clients come to SJRP, they come to heal, but they gain so much more than just recovery tools, they gain a second family amongst their peers and treatment staff. SJRP staff understands that life can get busy though, especially shortly after clients graduate from their drug and alcohol treatment programs and begin to actively live and rebuild relationships both professional and personal.

Welcome to The SJRP Alumni

Clients immersing themselves back into normal society may feel overwhelmed at times, we here at SJRP do not want our extended family feeling as though they no longer have a proper support system. The SJRP Alumni Program exists to provide our ever-extending family with the opportunity to reconnect and engage with old and new friends alike.

Clients have the opportunity to update their favorite staff members and friends with their personal growth and life changes, have some fun, and even engage in the opportunity to share with their extended family the specific struggles they are going through as they re-enter society. Whether clients are doing remarkably, miss their old peers, or are having a bit of a tough time and would love the chance to engage in safe, happy, supportive love, the Alumni program at SJRP is here to help.

The only “catch” is that you must have completed your drug and alcohol rehab program successfully before joining in on Alumni events. Once you have completed treatment at St. John’s Recovery Place, you will become a part of our wonderful and supportive Alumni group, which is a little different than your average support group network. As a part of the SJRP Alumni, you will be able to participate in several exciting opportunities, including:

  • Alumni Gatherings
  • Annual Alumni Picnics
  • A Private Facebook Community
  • The Opportunity to Return to Speak at The SJRP Facility

Alumni Gatherings and The Annual Picnic

At St. John’s Recovery Place, we believe in living life with accountability, but also enjoying the good moments and having some fun. Our Alumni program allows both staff and graduate clients to interact with annual gatherings and Recovery Month events. SJRP takes pride in the work it does, and the family it creates, promising to be a support system for its members both during and well after their addiction rehab treatment has ended.

Our events are spontaneous, fun, and even educational. Alumni who come to participate in our Recovery Month and annual events, such as our St. John’s picnic, should expect to engage in many distinct activities, including:

  • Slipping along water slides
  • Getting drenched and cooling off in dunk tanks
  • Enjoying live music
  • Eating delicious food
  • Engaging with their inner child with bouncy houses
  • Watching sporting events

And much more. SJRP is not just about the drug and alcohol addiction rehab process from a clinical standpoint, it is about the recovery journey and the people. Our holistic, innovative programs not only exist to help you heal, but they also incorporate you into a new and growing community.

Private Facebook Community and Returning to Speak

The SJRP Alumni program extends beyond the annual picnic gatherings and Recovery Month events. The Alumni program is an ever-extending community that exists to support, encourage, and love in clients even after they have completed their drug and alcohol rehab programs at SJRP. The private Facebook community, set to accept clients who want to engage in the online forum, allows both staff and former patients to engage with one another, providing support in times of great stress, love in happy and sad moments, and laughter on a day to day basis.

Clients and staff alike work together to encourage one another in the Facebook community, staying updated and involved in each other’s’ lives by sharing pictures, talking about their success, asking for advice and so much more. The SJRP Alumni Facebook page is for clients who have finished their treatment programs, but this does not mean that former clients cannot interact and encourage individuals who are currently working through the recovery process. The Alumni program also allows former clients to return to the SJRP campus to speak on their personal experiences.

Clients who chose to return to speak visit currently participating recovering individuals to talk about their shared experiences. Alumni speak often speak about their lives pre-treatment, sharing with their new peers about the situations that got them to the point of needing professional help. They will also speak of the time it took for them to investigate and enroll in treatment, their first days in the program, the lessons they learned, and finally how their treatment plan aided them in rebuilding both themselves and their lives. Former clients also have the opportunity to speak about the magnificent changes that have manifested in their lives since quitting drug and alcohol abuse, encouraging current rehab participants, and motivating them to continue working towards sustainable change for themselves.

How to Join the SJRP Alumni Program

To join the SJRP Alumni program, you or your loved one must first complete your drug and alcohol rehab programs successfully. Before you are made an ascertained member of the Alumni community, St. John’s Recovery Place staff members will meet with clients-prior to their program discharge-to ensure they are ready for their re-introduction into society, and that they are set up so they can engage in the Alumni program and Facebook page before they even leave campus for the last time as a current client.

The SJRP Alumni Program is exclusively for St. John’s Recovery Place community and family. At SJRP, our commitment to our clients is serious. Former clients are a part of our family, and if you should ever need any of us again, at any moment in time, we will be there for you. Alumni members who begin struggling with reentry into society or old habits are always welcome to seek help again at SJRP. Alumni clients are welcome to call management staff members, as they are on call if anyone should ever need help of any kind. We will always be here to encourage and support you, even after you have finished your official recovery treatment journey with us here at SJRP.

“My stay at SJRP was life-changing. I wish I could say it was all laughs and giggles. But as most of us who suffer from this disease of addiction know, it was difficult to get through. But SJRP was up for the challenge. They made my stay as comfortable as possible. They got me to see that there was hope. Words cannot express how much SJRP has done for me and my life. They believed in me when no one else would.“

Brian G.

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