SJRP’s Rehab Alumni Program Helps Healing Communities, and Individuals Continue to Grow and Thrive Even After Addiction Treatment Ends 

The benefits of support groups in addiction treatment programs are universally known, valued, and acknowledged in rehab centers across the country. Most inpatient treatment outlets build support group incentives and counseling sessions into their healing programs straight off. Yet, even though support groups are universally considered a staple in effective addiction treatment practices, the use of such gatherings outside of traditional rehab is often not as frequently sought out or offered to clients post rehabilitative graduation. 

 Support groups outside of traditional drug and alcohol inpatient programs exist. Still, not all facilities actively help residents pursue enrollment in such aftercare support once they graduate from their treatment program. At St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP), aftercare treatment, relapse prevention training, and alumni support are integral aspects of the healing journey. Individuals who do not learn how to prevent relapse, seek out additional help, or have a shoulder to lean on in times of challenge are much more likely to repeat behaviors that lead them into rehab initially. 

For this reason, SJRP’s rehab alumni program in Florida aims to connect treatment graduates with peers and professionals in the St. John’s recovery community, to enhance better their chances of avoiding relapse and continuing their long-term sobriety journey successfully. SJRP’s alumni program even helps to re-integrate clients who find themselves wrestling with the allures of substance abuse again, reconnecting them with treatment professionals. 

St. John’s Care for Rehab Alumni 

At St. John’s Recovery Place, medical professionals, therapists, and general treatment staff understand just how challenging the rehabilitative process can initially prove. But, they also acknowledge the hardships post-rehab can present to alumni clients as they attempt to re-navigate the “normal” world around them while also doing their best to apply the skills and lessons learned in rehab to real-life situations and circumstances. At best, the processes can prove overwhelming, overstimulating even the most prepared alumni clients. 

For this reason, St. John’s Recovery Place makes sure to instill in residents throughout the entirety of their program that once they are a member of the SJRP family, they can always rely on the network and its staff members to have their back through thick and thin. Alumni clients struggling through a rough patch in their lives are always welcome to re-contact SJRP. At any point, they can reach out to receive additional support, re-enroll in treatments if they find themselves relapsing, or even have St. John’s help them connect with a regular meeting support group. Individuals in St. John’s alumni program also have the opportunity to grow in their recovery after treatment ends by giving back to the community dedicated to encouraging healing. 

How St. John’s Recovery Place Introduces Alumni Testimonials into Inpatient Rehab 

Clients who graduate from SJRP’s inpatient rehabilitation program have the opportunity to enroll in the company’s alumni program. They can enroll in this rehab alumni program in Florida at any point throughout their inpatient treatment phase or outpatient services. Still, They can also connect with SJRP’s staff post-professional recovery if they find life outside of rehab more strenuous and challenging than they originally anticipated. SJRP’s rehab alumni program is not exclusive to just those who signed up before graduation or are doing well pursuing their long-term sobriety goals individually. SJRP’s alumni program is for any individual who needs or wants to contact the rehab network, continue growing their extended family, and give back to the community that helped them begin to heal. 

SJRP’s rehab alumni program in Florida does not only help support residents who graduated from their recovery initiatives. These programs also help alumni members give back to the community that helped make their long-term recovery possible. In SJRP’s alumni program, members have the opportunity to share their testimonies with fellow recoverees personally, not only in support group settings but also in specialized program visitation sessions. St. John’s works to set up graduates and current attendees to further build community, opportunities for healing, and inspirational moments for motivation. 

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction or is about to graduate from a rehab program and enter into the alumni world, there is hope, hope for recovery, and long-term healing for all. If you are interested in learning more about SJRP, its alumni program services, or inpatient regimens, visit us online or call 1-833-397-3422 to learn more. SJRP can help you achieve healing and stay connected to the recovery community even after standard treatment practice ends. Once a member of the SJRP family, always a part of the family. 

“My stay at SJRP was life-changing. I wish I could say it was all laughs and giggles. But as most of us who suffer from this disease of addiction know, it was difficult to get through. But SJRP was up for the challenge. They made my stay as comfortable as possible. They got me to see that there was hope. Words cannot express how much SJRP has done for me and my life. They believed in me when no one else would.“

Brian G.

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