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Living with addiction to drugs or alcohol may leave you feeling trapped, like there’s no way out, but we promise, there is! Just check out the success stories from past clients just like you that found their way out with the help of the inpatient drug and alcohol rehab team at St. John’s Recovery Place in Florida. Rehab may be your last resort, but treatment here is so welcoming and life-changing that the only worry you’ll have once you arrive is why you didn’t make the decision to get help sooner.

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Our FL rehab center has space available to help you heal. When you come to St. John’s Recovery Place you’ll instantly realize that you’re at the right place to get the help that you deserve from an inpatient drug rehab. Florida addiction and recovery center, SJRP, staff will love you until you learn to love yourself.

A Recovery Program that Makes a Real Difference

Whether or not you need the full-time rehabilitation that comes from residing at a residential addiction treatment center for 30-days or more may not be something that you are capable of determining on your own – especially if your better judgement is clouded by your dependence on drugs or alcohol.

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The decision to commit to an inpatient rehab program isn’t so much about what you want, but what you need. Sometimes you just cannot face the challenge of recovery without around-the-clock support and consistent guidance and therapy that is provided by a residential treatment program. It’s okay to accept that recovery is not something that you can do on your own – in fact, there are many things we cannot accomplish on our own – and that’s perfectly acceptable! In fact, at St. John’s Recovery Place, addiction and recovery is very much a team effort because we KNOW how hard it is to achieve the ultimate goal of long-term sobriety. How do we know? Many of us have been in your shoes – and not too long ago.

Levels of Care

Selecting the most appropriate level of care is an important element of your recovery process. While level of care is often influenced by insurance coverage, at St. John’s Recovery Place we go to bat for you to help you get the best and most appropriate level of care based on your medical needs. When you call, an admissions coordinator will perform a confidential addiction screening and assessment. The answers that you provide are 100% confidential, cannot be shared with anyone outside of our facility, and are solely for your benefit to help our medical team determine an appropriate recommendation for services to your insurance provider.

Learn more about how we perform our confidential addiction assessment and what it means to be screened by an admissions coordinator. Feel free to call our admissions team to discuss the process in detail.

Why Choose Inpatient Addiction Treatment?

You might be able to think of many reasons to choose inpatient treatment. Or, you may struggle to come up with just a few. Both situations are okay and represent the differences in each of us and at different stages of the addiction recovery process. There are many reasons to consider inpatient drug rehab. Florida clients often mention the following guiding factors to choosing inpatient rehabilitation:

  • You attempted treatment in an outpatient rehab program but it did not work.
  • You struggle with co-occurring conditions such as depression or anxiety and addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • Your living situation makes it difficult for you to stay away from drugs or alcohol. This is a common problem that can hinder recovery. Don’t be afraid to seek help.
  • You realize that you need to spend some time away, focusing on yourself, in order to heal.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, treatment for drug or alcohol addiction generally requires involvement in inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab for a period of 90 days or more. Most clients find that a mix of both residential treatment and outpatient treatment for a duration of at least 90 days in total is most effective and conducive to recovery.

Most insurance companies will only cover a period of 28-30 days of inpatient treatment regardless of severity of addiction, past treatment, or other circumstances. This is why most residential rehab centers begin with a 30-day rehab program. At St. John’s Recovery Place, we’ll go to bat for you and work with your insurance company to get the maximum benefit period for your treatment. The maximum benefit period looks different for each client based on individual needs, insurance provider, and other factors.

Regardless of how long you remain in our inpatient treatment program, when you are discharged we will work by your side to provide appropriate transitional care planning to ensure your best chance for success in recovery. The goal will be to provide follow-up care such that your total treatment period is at least 90 days.

Inpatient drug rehab is an integral part of all drug and alcohol rehab centers in Florida. Inpatient alcohol rehab and drug rehab is the same as inpatient addiction treatment across the board. Inpatient addiction treatment can be either short-term or long-term in nature, and involves a client remaining on facility grounds for the entirety of their treatment program whether it’s for inpatient drug rehab or inpatient alcohol rehab. Florida rehab and substance abuse inpatient treatment centers work by involving clients in a personalized care program, based on their individual needs. These programs include counseling, individual therapy, group therapy, and a number of other medically assisted or holistic alternative and complementary services as well. SJRP’s approach to recovery in Florida drug and alcohol rehab is the best way to treat drug addiction. We work hard here to ensure clients get the specialized care they need.

What Our Inpatient Rehab Center in Florida is Like

Once a client has decided to work with St. John’s Recovery Place through their recovery, it is time to set to work. Florida alcohol rehab is like no other. The opportunities drug and alcohol rehab in Florida present to clients are not only multi-tiered. Florida drug rehab and alcohol treatment have the unique ability to pass on a renewed sense of purpose, focus, and physical / mental improvement to a client. The Sunshine state does this by allowing clients to acclimate to society in a better climate, where it is warmer, clients can spend more time getting exercise, exposure to sunlight (proven to help improve overall health and mood) is more abundant , and people are friendlier. Florida drug rehabs capitalize on these factors, combining the inherent mood boosters associated with the Sunshine state, and using them to better assist their therapy programs, allowing clients to participate in more outdoors activities year-round, and connect with more easygoing individuals.

So, what happens in inpatient alcohol rehab is the overall recovery, in mind, spirit, and body. Florida drug rehabs like St. John’s Recovery Place make use of holistic, complementary, alternative, and traditional therapies, paired with individual and group counselling, to help clients not only begin to understand how they came to be here, but why they must change. Next, clients are assisted in taking those next steps towards rebuilding their lives gradually in recovery.

Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

addiction treatment centers in florida
Residential Inpatient treatment is one of the most common programs people use who are seeking help from drug and alcohol addiction. Inpatient programs offers the attention and support needed to combat addiction and to recovery from a despairing state of mind. Inpatient treatment may make some people who are unfamiliar with the program a bit nervous. Depending on the severity of addiction, clients stay at the facility for at least 10 days. This treatment allows clients to disconnect from the environment that may have led them to their addiction. With a healthy and safe environment, clients will have a better chance of learning about their addiction and practicing coping mechanisms. Not to mention, our facility has professionals who specialize in addiction and relapse prevention for a life long road to sobriety.

Here clients have therapies, and other activities that supply them with the tools needed to have a successful recovery after treatment. With innovative and holistic therapies, clients at SJRP can discover their triggers and patterns. With 24 hour medical care, clients can rest assure they are in good hands. Our state of the art facility is equipped with comfortable, modern rooms with a flat screen TV, memory foam mattress and pillows.

Throughout the duration of their stay, client’s treatment plans are continuously changing because they are changing. While in inpatient treatment, clients will have tremendous improvements in their social, psychological and emotional states. As these areas improve in the client, their personalized treatment plan with change as well. Our goal is to make sure our clients have the absolute best treatment plan molded for them, so important that together, we adapt our plans for success.

Since battling addiction is categorized into stages, each stage must have a treatment plan that will suit the need of the individual. While experiencing intensified withdrawal symptoms, one should be under medical supervision to ensure the proper treatment, medication, and care. Each addictive substance has different withdrawal symptoms with some being more severe than others. However, because some withdrawal symptoms can be fatal, it is extremely important to have around-the-clock medical attention.

Some of these withdrawal symptoms may include:

addiction solutions of florida

  • Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Nausea
  • Hallucinations
  • Heart Attack
  • Seizures
  • And More

Inpatient Residential Treatment or recovery programs are intended to assist serious addictions. This level of care was designed to offer clients optimal care in a controlled environment. With 24-hour medical supervision, clients are monitored and surrounded by caring medical professionals in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Our Nearest Inpatient Drug Rehab

St. John’s Recovery Place

1125 N. Summit St.
Crescent City, FL 32112

St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) in Crescent City is our Central Florida drug and alcohol rehab center location that provides inpatient services including several medical detox, residential treatment, and aftercare through our Alumni program.

What We Think You Will Love About SJRP Inpatient Rehab

At SJRP there are many things to love. Our drug addiction therapy programs are specifically tailored to you, and your individual needs during your stay in our inpatient drug rehab. Florida recovery clients appreciate the many different therapy types available at SJRP. During your inpatient treatment consider trying out any of the following therapy programs:

Art Therapy

Equine Therapy

Music Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

Recreational Therapy

● Adventure Therapy

Massage Therapy

Neurointegration Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy

Individual Therapy

Relapse Prevention Therapy

Our inpatient rehab facilities are well maintained, and comfortable here at SJRP, free of overwhelming clutter or distraction and situated near a beautiful lake, with lots of space to rest, relax and recover. Our inpatient drug rehab centers are designed to give you a new start, to challenge you in the best ways possible, and to help you rebuild and recover at a speed suitable to you. SJRP is here to help you regain your life, and relearn to love yourself during the process.

Recover in Comfort at St. John’s Recovery Place Florida Rehab Center

Substance use disorder treatment may seem like a scary and uncomfortable process to undergo, and there may be plenty of moments of discomfort during treatment. But here at SJRP our inpatient residential drug rehab programs are designed to ease as much of that discomfort as possible. Our residential drug rehab in Florida is built upon the foundational principle that recovery is worked towards one step at a time, and that you should be given every possible opportunity to succeed. Rehab may feel like a last resort, but it is just the beginning, and we will be there to help you every step of the way!

What Others Say About Our FL Rehab Program

But, if you don’t want to take our word for it, why not find out what others are saying about our Florida rehab program? Whether speaking to past clients, current inpatient residents, outpatient participants, staff members or other businesses and their professionals, SJRP Florida drug rehab receives praise and glowing reviews from almost everyone they encounter.

Denny K. said, “I’m proud to be a part of this team. The location is great for detox and residential, in a serene part of Florida with a nice river view and super clean facilities. The clinical, medical, and operations teams are lead by experienced professionals in the addiction industry,” while other reviewers also shared their love for the drug rehab. Florida is a beautiful state, filled with beautiful people, and at SJRP, the focus will always be you and your care, in the journey to feeling beautiful inside and out again.

Your SJRP Rehab Team

Here at SJRP your inpatient recovery team consists of a variety of well trained, and capable individuals. Primarily, your personal team will consist of a specialized addiction nurse and licensed mental health counsellor, or LMHC for short. Your LMHC, who has undergone an extensive amount of schooling and preparation for this role, will be there to help you through your counselling sessions, aiding you in learning more about the reasons why your addiction has spiraled into what it has, and how to overcome it day by day. And your addiction nurse, a licensed nurse with specialized training in the caring of substance abuse disorder clients, will help you manage medications, and overall health and vital signs throughout your stay at the inpatient recovery program. Your addiction nurse is especially trained to assess your personal strengths and weaknesses, throughout your recovery as well, and are there to answer any questions you may have, with the intent to educate you about your personal recovery program.

Inpatient recovery may also include a number of other counselors, therapists, and medically licensed individuals, trained with specific care to aid you in your recovery. At SJRP our professionals are working to not only support you during your time in the inpatient recovery program, but also as you move into the next step of your journey, aiming to balance your life with a solid support system, both at home and in a recovery facility. Compassionate care helps realize successful recovery.

How Inpatient Addiction Treatment Works at SJRP

To begin any of the inpatient drug rehab programs here at SJRP, a patient must first prepare themselves to undergo the admission process. The admission process will involve welcoming you to the facility, completing your documentation and paperwork, checking your insurance and payment methods, and taking you down to nursing to be checked out before beginning to build a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs. During the admission period, SJRP staff are there to help you and your family members with any questions you may have before beginning treatment. It is here that SJRP will also talk to you about what to expect in inpatient rehab, and make sure you are as comfortable as possible before getting started.

Most Florida rehab facilities begin with a medically assisted detoxification period to begin treatment. During this time, nursing staff will make sure to monitor you and your vital signs, as they help you work through the steps and symptoms of withdrawal. From there, your inpatient alcohol rehab in Florida will begin working with you through the psychological, emotional, social and behavioral aspects of treatment. Inpatient drug rehab programs at SJRP include any kind of intensive behavioral, cognitive, social therapy or holistic therapy a patient may need to learn how to change their harmful behaviors, and manage their stress level without turning toward substance abuse, and last a minimum of 10 days.

FL Rehab Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for treatment in Florida, alcohol rehab questions are bound to begin popping up into your mind. You may wonder about how to treat drug addiction, or if there is an addiction cure. Or, you may begin asking yourself questions like, does this facility accept my insurance, how much will a program will cost, or how long the treatment may last. So, let’s see if we can answer some of these questions for you.

How Much Does Inpatient Rehab Cost?

So how much does inpatient rehab cost then? The answer is, it depends. All drug and alcohol rehab centers in Florida have different rates for different types of treatment programs that they offer. Outpatient treatment typically costs less than inpatient services. And some of the fancier treatment facilities will of course charge more for their programs, although remember not to confuse quality with luxury. But, the overall goal for substance abuse treatment across the nation is to help individuals heal, and help decrease the number of total drug incarcerations over time.

Treatment and recovery are parts of a long term strategy to turn peoples lives around, and not just fix a problem for a short amount of time by putting someone away, and restarting the process when they are released. As such, most inpatient alcohol treatment facilities and drug rehabs work very hard to make their programs affordable for individuals coming from all walks of life.

Does Insurance Cover Inpatient Rehab?

So, you may be wondering, “does insurance cover inpatient rehab”? Yes. Most inpatient substance abuse treatment programs are covered by most types of insurance. Although different inpatient drug and alcohol rehab facilities may or may not accept different insurances, or different insurances may only cover specific costs associated with substance abuse treatment programs. Although it is possible to petition different insurance companies at times, to cover the cost of a treatment you specifically may need.

What Happens in Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Florida alcohol and drug rehab centers can vary vastly on the stages of physical appearance, how they work with their patients on an individual level, and what treatment programs they may offer. But for the most part, rehab centers in Florida all work the same way when it comes to traditional treatment techniques. Alcohol rehab in Florida, as well as drug rehab, works to treat the mental, social, behavioral, and physical effects of drug and / or alcohol abuse.

Rehab centers in Florida also work to help prevent the occurrence of relapse in patients, and work to help you build a solid support system and personal tool belt, to try and combat / avoid relapse. At SJRP, our primary goal is to see you healthy, and living your life free from the influence of outside substances.

How Long is Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Substance use disorder or SUD treatment programs vary in length dependent on a couple factors:

● Individual Person

● Individual Program Lengths

An inpatient treatment facility typically has short and long term programs available for clients to choose from. You can be in a program for as short as 10 to 30 days, or be involved in a program that requires your continued presence for up to a year, maybe more, if you specifically need for time to work through recovery in a supervised facility. You may wonder “what about the inpatient drug and alcohol rehab near me?” Do they offer programs as long lasting as a year? It depends on the facility, the program, and you yourself. This is why it is important to do research, and make some calls to facilities to see if they are the correct fit for you. Feel free to call SJRP to discuss with a staff member, our treatment programs, and the lengths at which they commonly last.

What Should I Bring to Inpatient Rehab?

From here you may be wondering about what to bring to inpatient rehab. Or, you may be concerned, wondering, “what can I bring inpatient rehab?” The process of entering into rehab can be a nerve racking experience, but the staff here at SJRP are here to help you through it. Now, what you need to bring with you to inpatient rehab here at SJRP includes:

● All prescription medications for the entire stay in their original containers (samples are prohibited)

○ Not allowed: narcotics, amphetamines, controlled substances, sleep aids, etc.

○ Please place all your medications in one bag

● ID or Driver’s License

● Insurance/prescription/pharmacy card and Dental insurance (or payment method for prescriptions)

● Personal spending money, cash, credit card, or a prepaid Visa gift Card

● Toiletries (Cannot Contain Alcohol in first 3 Ingredients)

○ No Q-Tips or Cotton Balls

● Casual conservative clothing for 10-14 Days.

● Lite Jacket or Sweatshirt

● Bathing Suit – Must be conservative

● Laundry services are provided

Is Inpatient Rehab Right for Me?

At this point you may really be considering, “is inpatient rehab right for me?” Or, “do I need inpatient rehab to overcome my addiction?” Addiction is messy, painful, and hard. And recovery from addiction is no easy walk in the park either. You will struggle, and back slide at times, which makes it all the more important that you do try to go through addiction withdrawal by yourself, or try to self-medicate or quit your addiction by yourself. Addiction can have life-threatening risks, and addiction recovery itself should also be closely monitored, because doing it wrong could also result in huge health or life-threatening risks. There are many benefits of inpatient drug rehab, the therapy types, the counselling sessions and so on, but the biggest benefit is that you don’t need to work through it alone. Here at SJRP, our staff members will be with you, every step of the way.

We’re Your In-Network Florida Alcohol & Drug Rehab

There are many Florida rehab centers. So you may be wondering again, “which drug and alcohol inpatient rehab near me, is right for me?” SJRP is your in-network Florida drug rehab / Florida alcohol rehab. We are here for you, and your needs, no matter the time or day. And we are ready to get you started on a healthy path towards addiction recovery.

SJRP – A FL Rehab Center for Your Recovery

Whether you are looking to find good drug and alcohol inpatient rehab centers in your area, or comparing Florida drug rehab / Florida alcohol rehab to see which facility works best for you, and meets your recovery needs. SJRP is a leading recovery center in Florida that is ready to work with you, and for you. Here at SJRP a client’s safety and recovery goals are taken seriously. You are taken seriously. And we are willing to work with you through all of the struggles of recovery, as a component, capable, and opportunity rich drug and alcohol treatment facility.

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