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Living with addiction to drugs or alcohol may leave you feeling trapped, like there’s no way out, but we promise, there is! Just check out the success stories from past clients just like you that found their way out with the help of the inpatient drug and alcohol rehab team at St. John’s Recovery Place in Florida. Rehab may be your last resort, but treatment here is so welcoming and life-changing that the only worry you’ll have once you arrive is why you didn’t make the decision to get help sooner.

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Our FL rehab center has space available to help you heal. When you come to St. John’s Recovery Place you’ll instantly realize that you’re at the right place to get the help that you deserve from an inpatient drug rehab. Florida addiction and recovery center, SJRP, staff will love you until you learn to love yourself.

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Whether or not you need the full-time rehabilitation that comes from residing at a residential addiction treatment center for 30-days or more may not be something that you are capable of determining on your own – especially if your better judgement is clouded by your dependence on drugs or alcohol.

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