Recreational Therapy for Addiction

A common form of therapy for the treatment of drug or alcohol addiction and various mental health disorders, recreational therapy can improve client health and reduce symptoms of addiction in ways that other forms of treatment come short. Sometimes referred to as therapeutic recreation, this type of therapy involves the use of various recreational skills and activities to help clients address limitations associated with their addiction to drugs or alcohol.  Recreational therapy at SJRP guides clients through various activities to improve all aspects of their life for mental and physical healing.

Clients that participate in therapeutic recreation report improvements in:

  • Independence
  • Family Relationships
  • Communication with Others
  • Achievement of Goals in Recovery
  • Wellbeing and Overall Happiness
  • Coping Abilities
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health

To learn more about the recreational therapy programs offered at SJRP, call our admissions team at 833-397-3422.

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