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    Frequently Asked Questions2021-10-11T23:13:42-04:00
    How do I prepare for Treatment?2019-05-03T01:50:08-04:00
    1. Review the attached “what to bring to treatment” including cash, credit card or debit card
    2. Make a list of emergency/family phone numbers to bring with you to our facility
    3. Make any necessary phone calls prior to admitting
    4. If you will need to have a “Presence in Treatment” letter sent to anyone, (Probation, Judge, Lawyer, Employer, EAP, Therapist, Doctor, etc.) Please bring their name and contact info with you
    5. We do not transport clients off campus for any personal shopping, haircuts, money grams etc.
    Upon Arrival—What is the Admission Process?2019-05-03T01:53:06-04:00
    • We will welcome you and answer any questions you and your family may have.
    • We will collect payment, if applicable, and make a copy of your ID and insurance card
    • Once your loved ones depart, we will begin the Admissions process by:
      • Conducting a non-invasive body search
      • Placing your cash, IDs, passports, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, etc. in our safe
      • Have you complete the pre-admission paperwork
      • Complete your admission documentation in our system then take you to Nursing
    How can I get information on a patient in your facility?2019-05-03T01:54:40-04:00

    Due to HIPAA laws, we may not release any information about a patient unless the patient has provided written consent.

    Are clients allowed to communicate with loved ones?2019-05-03T01:55:32-04:00

    Clients are permitted to make phone calls after they have completed 7 days of treatment.  Clients must schedule this with their case manager or primary counselor and all calls will be made in the presence of a staff member. Family members can call in and leave a message for the patient through the patient messaging voicemail system. Clients are unable to receive phone calls directly.

    What about visitation?2019-05-03T01:55:52-04:00

    We encourage family involvement in the patient’s recovery process.  While we currently do not offer open visitation days/hours, the assigned counselor may schedule family sessions (via phone or in-person) & visitation after the patient has been in treatment for a minimum of 2 weeks.  Any request for visitation must be scheduled and approved by your primary counselor. We highly recommend that minor children (under the age of 14) not attend these sessions. All visitors must be approved by the primary counselor.

    How does insurance work after the patient has arrived?2019-05-03T01:57:45-04:00

    Each insurance company has medical based guidelines that we must follow to access the benefits provided in their policy.  There are two components to this process:

    Pre-certification:  We call the insurance company and inform them the patient is here.  Insurance will then approve the initial admission and will give us a date to review the patient’s progress.

    Concurrent Reviews:  We call the insurance company to report the patient’s progress.  The insurance company will then approve the use of benefits for a specific time and set a date for the next review.  This step is repeated as many times as the insurance company requires.

    We work diligently to maximize the treatment days available for each patient.  Our counselors keep the clients informed of their insurance status.

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