Music is the universal language among us all. It transcends all boundaries of ethnicity, background or spiritual beliefs and it brings us all together in one moment. Music serves as a place where we can find refuge no matter the situation. Music can bring together thousands of people from all walks of life into one place, leaving all of the worries of life behind and singing as one voice.

“Music and songwriting has been  an incredibly important tool for my recovery process over the years and it is an honor to share that with others who are just starting their journey. When I first got clean, writing music about the experiences that I was going through was very therapeutic for me. I had a lot of loved ones that I had lost over the course of my life which I  never truly dealt with. I started to write songs in honor of their memory and it really helped me get through those emotions now that I  didn’t have drugs and alcohol to suppress those feelings. Those songs have brought a great deal of healing to my friends and family who suffered those losses as well. Each time I play those songs, I feel the spirits of those who have departed live on with every note. Here at SJRP, I encourage our clients to express themselves through a variety of artistic expressions such as keeping a journal, songwriting, playing instruments and singing. It is my hope is that they find the same freedom that I have found through the gift of Music.”


-Dallas Abers

Music Therapy Program Director