Herbs and spices OH MY!!!! We eat them every day in all types of food from the very robust cumin associated with Mexican foods to the often times loathed flavor of cilantro. A diet without the flavorings of herbs and spices would be bland to say the least. But did you know these flavorful seasonings also have health benefits associated with them? Below are some common flavors and the incredible impact they have on our bodies.

Capsaicin: the oily substance found in peppers is used commonly to help with arthritis and muscle pain.  Cayenne specifically it thought to act as an anti-inflammatory with new research suggesting anti-diabetic benefits. It acts as a booster for the metabolism as well.

Cinnamon: among the most powerful of the healing spices. It has been shown to prevent blood clots and improve sugar control in people with diabetes. Recent research has shown it is rich in antioxidants thereby good for heart health.

Cloves:  full of the chemical eugenol, an anti-inflammatory, which helps slow cartilage and bone damage caused by arthritis. It has also been shown to help protect from heart disease and improve insulin function.

Coriander:  the seeds from the cilantro plant. They have been used for thousands of years as a digestive aide with new studies showing anti-anxiety properties as well. It’s also being studied for potential cholesterol-reducing benefits.

Garlic: as if we didn’t need another reason to love garlic, it’s been shown to lower risk of heart disease by up to 76%, moderately reduce cholesterol levels and flush carcinogens before they have a chance to damage cells.

Turmeric: gets its golden color from curcumin, a compound considered to be a top cancer-fighting agent. It helps to flush carcinogens before they damage cells and helps to repair cells already damaged.

Herbs and spices have been used by all societies for thousands of years for their medical benefits. Adding these into a balanced diet can help prevent issues before they start.


~Chef Jordan