We are excited to announce that on February 25, 2020, St. John’s Recovery Place will be in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield! And on March 1st, we go live with Ambetter! If you’re looking for rehabs that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield or Ambetter, or any other major insurance company, SJRP is your place! Our Florida rehab center provides drug and alcohol addiction treatment as well as safe, compassionate medical detox for alcohol, benzos, opiates, or other harmful substances. Sometimes, just finding rehabs in Florida that accept blue cross blue shield or rehabs that accept insurance from other carriers is a blessing for clients as they’ve already searched so much to find the help they need.

This means we can now help even more clients suffering with substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders! If you or someone you know is looking for detox or addiction treatment at residential rehabs in Florida that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield or Ambetter insurance, call (833)397-3422. We can help!

Blue Cross Blue Shield Alcohol Rehab at SJRP

At SJRP the BCBS alcohol rehab program consists of residential alcohol detox for stabilization followed by holistic alcohol rehab in our inpatient treatment center. Clients with Blue Cross Blue Shield alcohol treatment insurance are generally covered for:

Your health insurance provider may require that you choose an in-network treatment center, especially if your Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage is through an HMO. Many rehabs that accept insurance will only accept in-network coverage. Choosing a Blue Cross Blue Shield residential treatment center that can help you or someone you love overcome alcohol addiction generally begins with a check in the provider directory or a reference from your insurance that helps you to understand the in-network rehabs in Florida that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Selecting an alcohol treatment center that accepts your BCBS alcohol treatment insurance coverage will minimize the out of pocket expenses that you pay for treatment.

What Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Coverage Provides

Every insurance policy is different so we cannot say exactly what your Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage is. As with other rehabs that accept insurance, plans and policy agreements differ. The easiest way to find out if your coverage is accepted or if there might be certain out of pocket expenses for you to get treatment would be to call our admissions department at (833)-397-3422 or fill out the insurance verification form online. BCBS alcohol rehab or medical detox at St. John’s Recovery Place is one of several options that your insurance may cover based on recommendations by our medical team. On the lowest end of BCBS substance abuse treatment coverage, Bronze plans generally cover in-network drug or alcohol treatment with a minimum deductible. Likewise, Blue Cross Rehab Platinum plans typically provide coverage for both in-network and certain out-of-network drug or alcohol treatment programs with a coinsurance payment.

To find out how much your Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab insurance will cover in paying for you or someone you love to receive treatment at SJRP for alcohol addiction or substance use disorder, give our admissions department a call 1-833-397-3422 When you call, we’ll collect basic information from you regarding your Blue Cross Blue Shield rehabilitation coverage so that we can begin evaluating your insurance and the estimated out of pocket expenses for you or someone you care about to receive treatment at SJRP. We want you to know that we’ll always do what we can to provide you with the most affordable treatment services your coverage will provide.

What If I Need an Ambetter Quote?

If you’re insured through Ambetter, SJRP also accepts Ambetter rehab coverage. Whether you have Florida Blue drug rehab coverage or Ambetter insurance, at SJRP you’re in good hands to get the residential treatment and therapy that you need for recovery. Ambetter drug rehab at our Florida recovery center is tailored to the client and our approach is generally the same regardless of your type of insurance. You begin treatment with medical detox and stabilization followed by counseling & therapy in both individual and group settings where the root of your addiction is targeted. Our program is an ideal starting point for anyone seeking Blue Cross Blue Shield residential treatment or Ambetter drug rehab.

To find out how much your Ambetter drug rehab insurance will cover for your treatment, call our admissions department at 1-833-397-3422 to begin the insurance verification process. We’ll collect essential information that will help us to determine the level of coverage your Ambetter rehab policy will provide so that we can give you an estimate of the total out-of-pocket expenses to expect for treatment at our Florida rehab center. Rehabs that accept insurance coverage from both Ambetter and Florida Blue widely cover expenses for in-network treatment.

Ambetter & BCBS Substance Abuse Treatment that Works for You

Are you ready to finally get involved in a substance abuse treatment program that is tailored to you, focused on you, and will work FOR you? At SJRP your recovery is our primary business and we take great pride in helping people succeed in treatment. You shouldn’t have to struggle daily with addiction to drugs or alcohol when you’re ready and waiting for help. All you have to do is call and our admissions team will begin working diligently on preparing a treatment approach for you. If we can’t help you, or if the payments are too much, we’ll help you find a drug or alcohol rehab center that takes your Blue Cross Blue Shield for residential treatment or Ambetter drug rehab insurance that CAN help.

SJRP accepts Ambetter & BCBS for substance abuse treatment but there are many other drug and alcohol rehabs that take insurance besides us. When searching for drug or alcohol treatment centers that take insurance it’s important to look beyond the price or whether they are in-network or out-of-network and to find a center that will treat you with dignity, respect, and the LOVE that you need in order to achieve recovery. We hope to see you soon at St. John’s Recovery Place!