How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System?

Generally, cocaine is not a drug that stays in your system for an extended period. This is especially true if you are not taking any other illegal or prescription drugs. The medical community uses the term half-life to describe the time frame for when half of the drug or the concentration of the drug reduces and leaves the body. Since the half-life of cocaine is very short, it can be difficult to detect cocaine in blood or saliva after 2 days and is eliminated from urine just day days after use. However, frequent cocaine users may test positive for the drug for up to 2 weeks after use.

Various factors influence the amount of time it takes for cocaine to be eliminated from your body. Metabolism, frequency of use, and your weight play key roles in the elimination of cocaine. Worries about cocaine elimination, half-life, and passing a drug test are signs that you may be suffering from a greater problem. If you’re using cocaine frequently, you might be struggling with addiction. Contact us at 833-397-3422 for help getting into a cocaine detox program that will assist you in recovering from cocaine abuse or addiction.

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Breaking Down Cocaine Metabolites

The liver is the primary organ that is responsible for breaking down cocaine and the metabolites that are found within the substance. Metabolism occurs when the enzyme