Cocoa Drug Rehab & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in FL

Addiction is a devastating disease that impacts people of all ages, in all communities, worldwide. A select few, about 2% of those who need treatment will find themselves under the care of a treatment center or local drug rehab. Cocoa, FL residents considering drug rehab or treatment for alcoholism have various options to assist them depending on their individual needs, insurance or ability to pay, and the severity of their addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction and needs help, call our Cocoa drug rehab at 833-397-3422 today.

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Florida drug alcohol detox

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Outpatient Rehab Program

Floridians have seen dramatic increases in not only their drug and alcohol abuse rates, but also in the number of people entering their rehabs centers. Drug and alcohol abuse has always been met with a large amount of stigma and prejudice, that has carried over to drug and alcohol recovery treatment. But as time has continued to wear on, this stigma has begun to die down, as more people seek help for their loved ones, and thus learn more about substance abuse itself, dispelling some of their old beliefs on the chronic disease.

Now, even though times are changing, and people are starting to listen to the science behind addiction, it still takes a great deal of courage to contact and enroll in an alcohol and drug rehab center in Florida. Luckily, there are many different drug and alcohol rehabs now available to the public in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and it is only a matter of time before you find the perfect program to get started.




Cocoa Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs

Societal stigma has begun to change in Brevard County. Drug rehab is no longer seen as a necessary evil that needs to be covered up, but a medical process that should be supported and expanded in order to help a section of the general public that is struggling greatly. As a result of this societal eye-opening, drug rehabs in Cocoa, Florida have begun to pop up and prosper in the wake of the community seeking recovery and renewal. It is tempting to want to deal with drug and alcohol recovery on your own, in private, but it rarely ever works. As a community that values resilience, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency, it has been difficult for Cocoa drug rehab to get the point across. Recovery is best done in the presence of professionals and like-minded individuals, in order to normalize the healing process, and provide motivation and support to individuals in Cocoa drug rehabs to not give up on the fight.

Drug Rehab in Cocoa Florida

Drug and alcohol addiction has been on the rise in the United States for nearly 3 decades. The rise in addiction rates has resulted in higher overdose and drug-related deaths as well. But, even though the U.S. is suffering from an alcohol and drug pandemic, these rises have also begun to help normalize seeking help for recovery. Drug rehabs in Cocoa, Florida have begun to spring up, ready to serve the community.

Every addiction has a root issue that onsets it, and the Cocoa Beach drug rehabs available to the community are ready to help clients work through their issues on their way to recovery. Cocoa Beach addiction treatment is much the same to other state’s drug rehabs, but here at St John’s Recovery Place (SJRP), we go the extra mile to not only make sure you have all that you need to combate your addiction, but that you have the option to do so in a holistic recovery setting that is conducive to your healing.

Importance of Brevard County Drug Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction in a serious problem in Brevard County. Drug rehab may be a scary concept for you to think about, if you are only just realizing you have a problem, but let us assure you, there is no better way to make it through drug or alcohol detox, withdrawal, and addiction recovery, than with one of the drug rehab centers in Brevard County, Florida by your side. Recovery can be a long, hard process. But, with the company of staff and peers in Brevard County, drug rehab can be a little more bearable, and a lot more successful in the long-term.

At SJRP we begin your addiction treatment with a well thought out and personalized medical detox that keeps you safe and comfortable during the withdrawal period. Designed to be as minimally upsetting for you as we can possibly make it, drug detox at SJRP is all about shifting your physical response to the release of harmful toxins so that you can prepare for the deeply spiritual & psychological elements of residential treatment that begin immediately after detox. Once you have completed your detox program, and have worked through most of the withdrawal symptoms, you can begin our residential treatment program.

During residential rehab, clients engage in treatment in one of our various drug rehab centers in Brevard County, Florida, you will begin to work on healing your mind, body, and spirit, as your recovery team works through behavioral and physical therapies that will help you not only better understand yourself and your addiction, but help you work past it by developing new skills and coping techniques. Once you have completed your residential program, you can then move forward into an outpatient treatment plan, that will continue to build upon the principles you learned in inpatient therapy, while also allowing you the flexibility and support to rebuild your personal life.

Here at SJRP we want to see you succeed, while being healthy, balanced and substance free, more than anything. By the end of your program(s) you will not only have learned more about yourself, you will have learned how to build a new life-style, rebuild relationships, and where to seek help within your support group when you are going through a difficult time. We here at SJRP are always here for you.

Alcohol Rehab Centers for Cocoa Beach, Florida Residents

There are many different drug and alcohol rehabs in Cocoa. But, if you are looking for a good drug or alcohol rehab in Cocoa, it is important to keep in mind that it may be better to travel further out for your treatment to help you break out of your old habits and build a new lifestyle.

Cocoa alcohol treatment and drug addiction treatment programs are great, but if you live in the Cocoa Beach area, you may actually be at a loss as to where to find the closest drug and alcohol rehabs in Cocoa to you. So, if you are looking into drug and alcohol rehab in Cocoa, we encourage you to also look into our facility. We have your back and want the best outcome for you both during your time at SJRP and when you discharge from our Florida addiction and recovery center.

Whether you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, here at SJRP we have all of the amenities and staff necessary to provide you with a quality, individualized, holistic rehab program, based on research, and scientific evidence.

SJRP Beachside

1811 S. Orlando Ave.
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

SJRP Beachside is our Cocoa drug rehab and alcohol treatment center location that provides outpatient services including several forms of therapy and aftercare services as well as sober residency for those transitioning from residential treatment.

St. John’s Recovery Place

1125 N. Summit St.
Crescent City, FL 32112

St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) in Crescent City is our Central Florida drug and alcohol rehab center location that provides inpatient services including several medical detox, residential treatment, and aftercare through our Alumni program.

Where Can I Find a Drug Rehab Near Me?

Are you looking for a successful, healing filled, accredited treatment center “near me”? Do you find yourself wondering, “is there an alcohol rehab center near me, that will work with me to fit my needs or is there a drug rehab near me?” Are you ready to begin your treatment journey and work towards recovery? At St. John’s Recovery Place we are nationally accredited, and ready to help you get your life back on track.

We provide excellence in not only physical and mental care, but emotional care as well. Here at SJRP we know that addiction can be hard to work through, but you don’t have to struggle through it alone. Here at SJRP our staff are all hand-picked, experienced professionals who are passionate about helping individuals with substance use disorders heal. SJRP provides both inpatient and outpatient services, with a wide range of treatment opportunities for you to explore.

We know addiction can be hard, and even scary at times. We know you are struggling and that you are frustrated, but we are here to help you, and your loved one, regain your life and rebuild, with excellence of quality care in mind. Here at SJRP you are taken care of by the best, so that you can regain your best, and you can heal either on facility grounds 24/7, or have the option of going home at the end of the day.

How Does Drug Rehab Work?

Not all Cocoa drug rehabs work or look the same. But in Brevard County, drug rehab centers work hard to provide their community with a high standard of quality care to help struggling citizens get and remain drug and alcohol free. Drug rehab in Brevard County typically will involve a detox and withdrawal period to begin with, followed by your admittance into a residential program of your choosing. Residential treatment will require you to live on facility grounds 24/7 for at least 30 days to start.

Of course, treatment times can be extended or lessened depending on your needs, and each program will be individualized to better help you. Once you have completed inpatient treatment you can transition into an outpatient program. Both inpatient and outpatient programs typically use the same types of behavioral treatment types, but in an outpatient setting you no longer have to remain on facility grounds, you can live at home or in a sober living situation while you continue receiving care. Outpatient programs do typically allow you to work and go to school as well, but they do have treatment hourly minimums you must meet based on your personal program plan.

Again, not all Cocoa drug rehabs look exactly the same, and sometimes your treatment journey and rehab experience will look different from the norm to better suit your needs. That is okay, as long as you are getting quality, diligent, and considerate care. But for the most part, drug and alcohol free drug rehabs in Brevard County will follow this template for treatment.

Cocoa, Florida Alcohol Rehab Centers & Drug Rehab Centers

In Cocoa Beach rehab centers and across the nation, Americans have always placed strong value in an individual’s ability to stand on their own two feet. As a society we value the individual who can work through problems on their own, who is self-reliant, resilient, and gets things done quickly. As much as these qualities can be good and even great for us as a society, and as individuals, there are times where this emphasis on self-reliance actually works against us.

Addiction treatment is one of those instances. These are circumstances that should not be worked through alone, as tempting as it may be. Addiction treatment in Cocoa drug rehabs, and alcohol programs, is always more effective and successful when other people–both professional and peers–are involved.

There is help available all throughout Cocoa Beach and Brevard County. Drug rehabs in Cocoa typically offer a wide range of treatment programs including all of the following services which are provided by SJRP Beachside and SJRP Main Campus Locations:

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Medical Detox Programs

Safe, Compassionate Withdrawal Treatment When You Need It

Cocoa Drug Detox

Cocoa Beach detox centers use medical detox programs to help individuals begin weaning off of the drugs in their system. Cocoa drug detox and Cocoa alcohol detox both use medication assisted treatments to help clients work through their withdrawal symptoms. These types of detox help to minimize the effects of withdrawal, and overall help to prevent drug relapse by tampering down drug cravings and more uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

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Residential Rehab Programs

Around-the-Clock Treatment and Monitoring for Your Safety and Security in Recovery

Cocoa Inpatient Drug Rehab

An ideal treatment program for clients who are new to substance abuse recovery, inpatient rehab is a type of program that provides clients with 24 hour service and supervision. Inpatient rehab in Cocoa requires clients to remain on facility grounds, but typically offers a wide range of behavioral therapies, counseling, and group supports. Residential rehab in Cocoa focuses not only on the individual, but also on that individual’s home life, their family, their communication skills, and helping them build a well rounded peer support group to guide them through the more difficult moments of their recovery journey, through shared experiences.