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Ever since the United States was born, drug and alcohol addictions have been a growing concern. Substance use disorders and addiction have become a growing epidemic in the U.S., in some states, more than others. Citizens fight against the daily influences of drugs and alcohol. In the city of Jacksonville, FL, the seriousness of the national drug epidemic situation floats close to the surface of local and national news.

The seriousness of the drug epidemic is widely understood within the State. And as a result, the State of Florida works diligently to provide as much support to individuals in need as possible. St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP), a drug and alcohol rehab center located near Jacksonville, Florida, citizens struggling with addiction can engage in healing therapy programs geared to help them recover holistically as one of the most traveled land, sea, and air States, Florida serves as the hub or illicit and prescription drug and alcohol movement in the nation. One of the most commonly trafficked substances being methamphetamines.

From the beaches to the cities surrounding the Crescent City, Florida area, SJRP provides residents struggling with addiction the quality holistic treatments they need. SJRP focuses on supporting clients through holistic recovery practices, encouraging residents to heal through natural connections, mindfulness practices, and authentic connections. No matter what you are struggling to overcome, through tender care, love, and undying support, SJRP can help you overcome addiction.

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