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3687 Davie Blvd
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About this location

St John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) admissions office is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We provide a seamless process for those who are seeking treatment and are unsure of where to begin. Our comprehensive addiction treatment programs are designed to fit your individual needs, whether residential, inpatient, outpatient, PHP, IOP, or sober living. After visiting our Fort Lauderdale office and conceptualizing a plan of care that is right for you, we will deliver you to our main campus, and your journey to recovery will begin. Our goal is to offer compassion, hope, and evidence-based care to each client while also providing them with the tools needed to experience a life of recovery and freedom.

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Crescent City, FL

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St. John’s Recovery Place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) is a drug and alcohol rehabilitative center dedicated to supporting individuals pursuing recovery. Comprised of several operating locations, SJRP’s main campus in Crescent City, Florida, aims to help inpatient and outpatient treatment faculties. At the same time, the other St. John’s locations strive to provide the broader public with information on getting started on their rehab journey while working to continue servicing individuals with outpatient or additional services.

As a comprehensive addiction care facility, SJRP’s mission is to provide holistic, innovative, and scientifically proven treatment services to residents and long-term clients, supporting individuals through every triumph and challenges they encounter throughout the recovery process. The St. John’s Recovery Place medical staff and administrative teams work together to provide residents with the compassionate support, encouragement, and exceptional care they need to overcome substance abuse and addiction. No problem is too small, no challenge too heavy for the SJRP family to handle.

Summary of Services: What We Offer at The Fort Lauderdale, FL Admissions Office Location

St. John’s Recovery Place comprises several treatment and admissions offices that work in tandem across the State of Florida. These facilities offer clients a different range of services to work and coordinate with to further their recovery journey. The St. John’s Recovery Place facility in Fort Lauderdale is a dedicated space working to help clients through admission into the treatment process. The services available to clients at the SJRP Fort Lauderdale location include:

  • Initial consultations and client evaluations/history reviews
  • Assistance in figuring out and planning the next steps of the recovery treatment process
  • The client visiting the office in person
  • Meeting the admissions team
  • Discussing next steps, treatment options, and what to expect with the admissions team
  • Verifying insurance
  • Cultivating and looking over a personal treatment plan
  • Scheduling transit from the admissions office to the treatment campus
  • Transiting from the admissions office to the treatment campus

If you or a loved one in Fort Lauderdale or another area of the South Florida region is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, SJRP could be the perfect place for you. Looking for an addiction treatment center and figuring out your next steps to move forward with the process can sometimes feel overwhelming. But the staff at SJRP’s Fort Lauderdale location are more than willing to help you work through admissions and streamline the introductory process, making enrollment much easier to handle.

The St. John’s Recovery Place Fort Lauderdale location address is at 3687 Davie Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312.

What to Expect at the SJRP Fort Lauderdale Location?

Even though St. John’s Recovery Place is a drug and alcohol rehab center, it is essential for future and current clients to understand that not all SJRP locations operate in the same manner. At the SJRP Fort Lauderdale, FL, location in South Florida, the sole primary operation of the facility and its staff team is to guide clients through the admissions process. So, what can you and your loved ones expect when walking into the Fort Lauderdale, SJRP location?

  • Meeting the Fort Lauderdale admissions team
  • Compassion
  • Encouragement
  • Answers to some of your most significant recovery and rehab questions
  • Aid for treatment planning
  • Assistance finding out about your insurance’s compatibility with SJRP programs
  • Explanations of SJRP treatment programs
  • Ability to enquire more about SJRP locations and facilities
  • Personal treatment program planning
  • Discussion of SJRP terms and conditions for residential rehab stay

During your visits to the SJRP Fort Lauderdale location, you will also receive details on what to expect on your intake day. Your admissions team will walk you through the items you will need to bring with you to rehab on your first day. They will give you a written pamphlet on what and what not to bring with you to treatment and can answer any general questions you may have regarding program durations and what you should prepare yourself for going into residential rehab.

Enrolling can feel overwhelming at times.