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This is our PHP (partial hospitalization program)/IOP (intensive outpatient program) location which is located in beautiful Melbourne, FL. This is the second step to your recovery from addiction.

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What is it Like to Attend Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Melbourne, Florida?

Florida, also commonly referred to as the Sunshine State. The sunny hotspot sports year-round beautiful weather, awesome beaches, friendly locals, luscious green scenery, and exotic wildlife. All rolled together, the factors work effortlessly to make the state one of the most highly visited travel destinations in the U.S. But, how does Melbourne Florida relate to drug and alcohol rehab centers and addiction recovery?

If you or a loved one struggles with a substance use disorder (SUD), you have probably felt overwhelmed, worried, angry, and fearful on and off for quite some time. Finally, you have decided to take one of the first steps to getting help for you or your friend or family member. You have acknowledged that there is a true problem with drug or alcohol use, and have decided that it is time to get help. Now, you must figure out how to enroll in a drug and alcohol rehab center and begin your recovery journey. So, how do you find the right drug and alcohol treatment center for you?

The Facts About Melbourne, Florida

There are thousands of drug and alcohol rehab centers across the nation in the U.S. Many of these programs closely resemble one another, sporting similar facility grounds and offering their clients the same types of drug and alcohol rehab therapies. Yet, not every drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is made equal, and each facility varies from one another, even on very slight terms. Florida can be one of the best places to attend addiction rehab, the sunny weather, green scenery, and overall warmth can be relaxing motivators to keep clients pushing for recovering their lives and restoring their health.

Melbourne, Florida can be a beautiful place, even in its most remote areas. There is never any shortage of things to do or places to explore in Florida. From beaches to nature trails, food shacks to golf courses, zoos to museums, the Sunshine State has it all. It is the perfect state to attend drug and alcohol rehab in, allowing clients to soak up the health benefits provided by the Sunshine State’s extra rays, and the weather’s ability to help people relax and give them more options to keep busy while sober. Melbourne, FL is the perfect haven for those who suffer from addiction to rest, heal and restore themselves.

SJRP’s Inpatient and Outpatient Addiction Recovery Rehab Center

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers across the country often have a lot in common. Yet, they also can have some major differences between each other. Some rehabilitation centers focus on treating specific populations of people (LGBTQ, men, women, or children individually, etc.), some facilities are more remote than others and some very special centers make use of the sunshine and all of its health benefits.

So, how do you know which rehab center is right for you?

Here at Saint John’s Recovery Place (SJRP), our main focus is on you and providing you with an addiction treatment program plan like no other. Our staff is a versatile, highly trained group of professionals, dedicated to helping you heal both inside and out. Located in Crescent City, Florida, our main facility rests on 9 acres of luscious green Florida nature, providing our clients with the opportunity to experience tranquility and serenity in a beautiful natural setting. Situated only 1.5 hours outside of Jacksonville, Florida, our rehab center in Melbourne has all of the components for an ideal inpatient facility that can provide a wide variety of outpatient, sober-friendly activities that will keep one stimulated and intrigued and will feel like a home away from home.

Every year we welcome clients into our facility from all over the state, the nation, and the globe. At SJRP, we offer a variety of different traditional and alternative/complementary addiction treatment programs, therapies, and services, including:

And so much more…

SJRP is a versatile treatment center that utilizes its staff and beautiful location for the betterment of each client, working diligently to tailor treatment plans and approaches to fit each person as best as possible. If you are looking to enroll yourself or a loved one in an addiction treatment program, SJRP may be the right rehabilitation center for you. Whether you live locally and wish to stay close to home in case of emergency- yet far enough to separate yourself from former life habits. Or perhaps you are from out of state and are looking to benefit from a change of pace and the beauty that Florida has to provide, SJRP is the right place for you.

Addiction is complicated. Likewise, drug and alcohol rehab can also be filled with frustrating, overwhelming, and seemingly hopeless moments as well as times of great joy, excitement, and success. Attending addiction rehab in Melbourne, Florida can give you that extra kick of motivation that you need, to continue working to sustainable sobriety long-term. Here at Saint John’s Recovery Place, we recognize the struggles of addiction, treatment, and personal hardships. We want to do all that we can to help you succeed, and cheer you on every step of the way through recovery. We do this by offering you the opportunity to engage in our world-class facility and engage with our highly trained treatment staff, making a multitude of different inpatient and outpatient treatment program plans available to you.

How to Pick the Right Addiction Rehab Facility for You

So, how do you know that SJRP is the right drug and alcohol addiction rehab center for you?

When making decisions, it could be said only we know the right choices for ourselves, but sometimes choices of this degree are slightly more complex. And it is not unusual to have doubts and begin to question yourself.

“Is this treatment center the best one for me?”

“Or do I just like the pictures of the facility itself?”

“Can I trust myself to make a decision this big right now, with everything that is going on?”


You can, you should and you will in your own time. Choosing a drug and alcohol rehab facility can be overwhelming, just like addiction and treatment itself. At this point, there are a lot of unknowns in your life. You may feel uncertain, scared, and unsure of yourself and the treatments available to you.

So, how can you ensure you are choosing the right addiction treatment facility for you?

First, start by talking to your primary care doctor. Source their professional opinion on your specific case. If you are an individual who is not inclined to the cold temps in the northeast, perhaps consider attending rehab treatment in Florida. If you are an individual who prefers to bask in the warm sun and let the stress wash away, consider seeking treatment here in Melbourne, Florida. But alcohol and drug recovery treatment centers go much deeper than this. Ask your doctor about the types of recovery treatment therapies she or he thinks will benefit you personally, the most. Every person is different and thus, the way they respond to treatment will differ as well. Once you have spoken with your physician, choose a few rehabilitation centers to research. Make a few calls, and ask yourself and the rehabilitation facilities you are interested in the following questions.

Will the rehab center you are interested in accept your insurance?

Does the facility you are looking into providing you with access to try the therapy programs you are interested in?

Do you want to stay close to home during rehab?

Do you want to go far away for rehab?

What do you expect to gain from rehab?

What does the treatment facility expect of you?

Does the rehab center tailor its treatments to the individual?

How long do you wish to work with the facility?

Is the facility in a location you think will be conducive to your healing?

The Benefits of Attending Addiction Rehab in Melbourne, Florida

If you or a loved one of yours struggles with a substance use disorder or addiction, and you have decided to pursue recovery treatment, Melbourne, Florida can be the perfect place for you to receive treatment. Yes, many drug and alcohol rehab centers across the country indeed offer many of the same addiction treatment programs and therapies. But unlike many other states in the nation, Florida allows you to continue discovering new things and exploring the outdoors, even during the winter months. Some of the greatest benefits of attending addiction rehab close to Melbourne Florida are:

  • The ability to spend time outdoors year-round
  • The friendly, supportive people
  • The endless opportunities to go fishing
  • The ability to encounter new, exotic, and exciting wildlife
  • The opportunity to experience new things, both indoors and outdoors year-round
  • The countless nature/hiking opportunities
  • The warm weather
  • The opportunity to experience new cultures, various cuisines and meet new people!

Substance abuse disorders and addiction are chronic diseases that create distress mentally, socially, financially, and emotionally for each individual that it touches. Enrolling in drug and alcohol addiction rehab and recovery might seem trying at first. But consider this as a second chance. An opportunity to achieve success, happiness and go after all of the goals that you have in your life.

Here at SJRP, we understand the difficult situation you are in. We want to be here to help you heal and cheer you on through every step of your recovery journey. Don’t wait another day to begin your recovery journey. Call us today at 1-833-397-3422 to learn more about us, and your first steps to starting drug and alcohol rehabilitation and your recovery journey.


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