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Drug and Alcohol addiction is a relapsing brain disease that is defined by a psychological and physical dependence on alcohol, a behavior, or drugs. Addiction is considered to be more than a behavioral disorder. Some of its features include the aspects of an individual’s interactions, emotions, and cognition with others; including their ability to relate to family members, the community, and even their own psychological state. Drugs, apart from bringing about changes in the brain, heavily impacts the way a person feels, acts, and thinks. This addiction has many times been misunderstood to be a result of a few “bad choices” caused by a lack of willpower or moral principles. Studies have shown, through extensive research, that addiction is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite its harmful and negative consequences.

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Often times, the urge to use drugs or to consume alcohol is compulsive and extremely difficult to control or refrain from. In the scientific world today, addiction is still not fully understood as to why addiction occurs in some and not in others. However, what we do know today, is that addiction can be part of a genetic component that can be passed on through generations. It is also known that our environment plays a significant role in the component of the illness. There are powerful influences in the environment that can cause an individual to be at a higher risk for addiction. For example, peer pressure, exposure of drugs and/or alcohol at an early age, exposure to stressors or trauma can overwhelm an individual’s coping abilities, sexual or physical abuse, friends, and even family influences can increase a person’s risk for drug or alcohol addiction.

Addiction is caused by the repeated use of drugs and/or alcohol that eventually contributes to a chemical shift in the brain, interfering with a person’s self-control, self-esteem, and the inability to resist using drugs. Over time, the brain continues to develop and hone in on these changes, which is why, in many cases, it becomes a challenge to quit using drugs or drinking alcohol. This is why many people relapse, even though they truly want to regain control of their lives, as well as individuals in the recovery stage are at risk of relapsing, even after years of not using drugs.

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Overcoming an addiction may involve medication to combat withdrawal issues, detoxification, and group and individual therapy for various lengths of time. The motivation for change can often fluctuate, and typically, there is great ambivalence around stopping the drug use. Confrontational and coercive approaches can actually increase an Individual’s determination to keep engaging or using in the addictive behavior; versus using a style of interaction that is more guided, person-centered, and accepting, that focuses more on helping the individual explore their own need to stop the behavior, using their own ability, desire, and reasoning.

Our primary focus will be to safely provide customized treatment plans tailored to address each individual’s drug-related psychiatric, social, medical, and drug use patterns so they can rebuild their lives. Today, science and research have lead proven ways to help individuals with addiction problems. Through customized treatment plans, ( as there is no one-size-fits all approach) individualized therapies, modern holistic medicines etc., we will holistically address all areas of their lives, not only their addiction or substance abuse, but with a supportive environment; we will continuously revise our treatment plans to help meet their circumstances and needs throughout the course of treatment towards a successful recovery.

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Addiction, despite being a chronic disease can be successfully treated. We understand the process of addiction and have developed a detox program to aid individuals during this difficult process to give them the highest recovery success possible. To better assist you please call, email us or click “Chat Now” and a Admission Specialist will help you.


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