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Individual therapy is the most common therapy used in treatment facilities today. It is a basic one-on-one talking therapy but absolutely essential for the recovery process. This allows clients to be heard by the therapist who in turn can properly coordinate a suitable treatment plan according to the clients needs. When the clients arrive to our facility, they sit with a mental health professional, and together create a plan for a successful recovery. Throughout the recovery process, client and therapist will re-analyze and make changes to the treatment plan when needed.

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Individual therapy is used to effectively communicate a treatment plan such as determining what other therapies are necessary to participate in, and what after-care programs to look forward to. It is essential for psychological evaluation as well. Individualized therapy is in a private and confidential setting. Clients can feel safe to talk to their therapist about a childhood experience or adult trauma.addiction treatment centers in florida

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Another method that we use during Individual Therapy links back to 1980’s. Its called Dialectical Behavior Therapy, stemming from the commonly used cognitive behavior therapy. With evidence based modalities, DBT focuses on the psycho-social aspect of treatment to change destructive behaviors. The psycho-social aspects of treatment refer to ways in which one interacts with certain people in different environments and settings. Therapist help clients identify and correct negative behaviors through patterns observed. Therapists also help clients to recognize when they are losing self-control and how to validate these feelings. Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy sets time aside for individual weekly sessions, as well as weekly group sessions. We believe that group therapy sessions offer clients a perfect environment to practice; interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, reality acceptance skills, emotional regulation, and mindfulness.

addiction solutions of floridaPositive Impact of DBT:

  • Enhances Motivation to Change
  • Builds Self Acceptance
  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Helps Alleviate Depression
  • Teaches Coping Skills
  • Reduces Relapse
  • Helps to Discover Inner Strengths
  • Disengages from Self Harm

Together we can start to understand where addiction stems from, identify what triggers drug and alcohol use, and where clients are most influenced. Clients and therapists can discover these topics together and find healthy coping strategies to offer stress relief.

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