“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes a matter of opportunity”

Many people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction do not receive the needed food and nutrients to perform at their optimal level. As a result of poor food choices, people feel sluggish, have less energy, and may suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Many of these previous health conditions can worsen due to poor dieting habits. Eating the right foods are a holistic source of healing and we incorporate a personalized diet and nutritional plan right from the beginning of your treatment. Upon arrival clients will meet their therapist who will help assess if a nutritional consult is needed. After determining nutritional needs and previous conditions meal plans for breakfast lunch dinner and snacks are incorporated into the recovery process. We purchase healthy, fresh, and gourmet foods for our facility and our hand picked executive chefs take great pride in the preparation of each individual meal.

best drug rehabs in floridaThis program is paired perfectly for everyone who visits our facility. We also highly recommend this program to those suffering from any eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia. Clients can combine this program with other therapeutic programs such as our massage & total body healing therapy, or our assisted exercise programs. Proper eating habits and exercise go hand in hand. As the food you eat gives you energy, we want to use this energy for positive movements like yoga, or meditation. We believe that we can increase the chances of a successful recovery by incorporating healthy eating and exercise habits.

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“We are happy to offer this program, because a home cooked meal is essential for recovery and we want to provide second to none services to each client who walks through our doors.”

Our state of the art facility has a modern yet an at-home feeling environment. We offer nutritionally sound meals three times a day. We also have a variety of snacks available 24 hours a day. That includes fresh fruit, soda, Gatorade, jello, pudding and the list goes on! Our themed days of the week are fun. Some of the themes are BBQ on the weekends, pizza days, etc.

Meet Our Chef

Jordan Tolley
Jordan TolleyDirector of Dietary Services

Jordan is originally from Washington state where he received a degree in culinary arts. He is passionate about the culinary arts and specialty foods. Jordan is a master at balancing savory, with exotic in his creations. Jordan fuses regional flavors into a North American Cuisine. He has 20 years’ experience perfecting his talents and wants to support SJRP clients toward their new life with the healthy and satisfying meals. Jordan wants to be a part of the journey for SJRP clients and he said he “would not chose anything else.”  Jordan has used his knowledge across the country as well as on different continents to develop into an Executive Chef. He has worked on cruise lines, ski resorts and in high end restaurants. When Jordan is not at SJRP, he enjoys being a father and spending his time with his wonderful family and 8-yearold daughter.

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