Addiction Recovery Centers In Florida

Addiction recovery centers in Florida are working too hard to help teens and adults lead a normal, healthy life. Since addiction has become a growing problem in the state of Florida destroying hundreds of lives, it has become a challenge to motivate addicts towards the start of a new life.

Florida Addiction Recovery Centers

To give the residents of Florida a better way of achieving a healthy life, you will find alcohol treatment centers all around the state. Among a plethora of options, St. John's Recovery Place stands out as a drug rehab due to its unique approach and unusual therapy programs.

Our Rehab Facilities In Florida

We give you the most luxury rehab centers in Florida. We do not have one but three different facilities located in three different zones in Florida. All our rehabs offer a peaceful environment while also allowing you to be closer to nature.

1) Crescent City, FL:

Giving you an incredible view of Crescent Lake and spread on about 21,000sq.ft. The center takes you closer to nature, making it easy for you to heal. You can enjoy adventures and equine therapy to boost your recovery.

2) Melbourne, FL:

This center is designed to provide patients with a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP).

3) Deland, FL:

Another center for offering PHP and IOP programs located in the beautiful Deland, FL.

Art As Your Therapy

Art therapy is an impressive way of expressing your emotions and inner feelings using different techniques. Art allows you to demonstrate your deep-rooted emotions easily and effectively. Often patients are in-expressive about their feelings and using art as a gateway is an excellent therapy, we carried out at our center.

Enjoy A Massage At Our Center

Massage offers patients an easy transition into a healthy body. Through massage therapy, we restore the balance between your body, soul, and mind. Our massage therapist helps you to feel relaxed while reducing stress, anxiety and promoting optimal health. You can also enjoy yoga sessions besides the beautiful and calm atmosphere of the lake. You can also enjoy healthy exercises in our garden spread outside our drug addiction rehab in Florida and feel energetic and take on positive vibes.

Activities To Keep You Busy

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL keeps you connected with a healthy lifestyle by providing you with an active, busy schedule. We plan weekly outings, spend a relaxing day on the beach, have an adventurous boating experience and much more. Involving these activities in your treatment plan, keep you energetic and create a positive spark in your healing process.

Luxuries Available In Our Rehab

Our Florida drug treatment center is full of modern facilities allowing you to take a more active approach towards healthy living. Play golf with your therapy buddies, enjoy music, or simply play a game of cards while you connect with people around you. Playing games and listening to music is an effective way to feel fresh and fight anxiety.

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