Aetna Alcohol Rehab Centers

St. John’s Recovery Place is among the top-rated Aetna alcohol rehab centers with highly effective addiction treatment programs, the lowest relapse rates, and an experienced clinical team. Our customized addiction treatments and integrated healing process help our patients attain improved mental wellness alongside sobriety.

Aetna policy coverage for substance abuse

While most insurance companies set a predetermined limit on substance abuse treatment, Aetna looks at each policyholder as a whole, working with them to find an addiction treatment solution that best fits their needs. Aetna insurance for addiction treatment is committed to offering unsurpassed substance abuse treatment, as well as excellent patient follow-up services with their continuing care programs. It provides coverage for weekly support group meetings and even organizes social events to celebrate recovery or an achievement.

With 24/7 customer service, Aetna helps its policyholders find treatment options and counselors nearby any time they need it. Typically, Aetna plans offer coverage for detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation, residential rehabilitation, IOP treatment, partial hospital treatment, and continuing care programs. Call your personal insurance provider to learn about your plan coverage details, coinsurance, copays, and deductibles.

Do I have to join one of the in-network treatment centers? 

Not all Aetna plans require the service providers to be in-network. However, you may incur more costs for joining out-of-network programs. All of Aetna’s in-network programs undergo consistent screening for quality care and adherence to modern principles.

In some situations, Aetna may ask you for pre-certification or authorization of a treatment program. For instance, you may require a pre-certification for inpatient admissions, outpatient detoxification, residential treatment center admissions, intensive outpatient programs, and partial hospitalization programs. Pre-certification is a review process that determine if your requested service or program meets the clinical criteria for the coverage set by Aetna. You should discuss with your insurance provider before you begin the program to determine if your Aetna addiction treatment will require pre-certification.

Aetna coverage for inpatient treatment

Depending on your Aetna policy coverage, the inpatient treatment costs may vary. When you join one of the in-network rehab centers in Florida, Aetna plans have 0% coinsurance for inpatient treatment. However, the insurance will kick in only after you pay your full deductible. Other insurance plans usually require a copay for admission and different treatment services.

If you join one of the out-of-network providers, your treatment coverage may vary based on the location and the plan you choose. While some Aetna plans do not cover any form of treatment, a few have a 30 to 50% coinsurance. Speak to your insurance provider or the admissions officer at one of the rehab centers that accept Aetna to determine the type of treatment your policy covers.

Aetna coverage for outpatient treatment

When you visit one of the alcohol treatment facilities that take Aetna, you may incur a set copay per visit. Some Aetna policies may involve a fixed coinsurance percentage, while a few may not have an option for any outpatient services. Your location and the type of insurance coverage you own can affect the factors of coinsurance or copays for outpatient addiction treatment.

Contact us at 833-397-3422 to verify your insurance. Rated as one of the best Aetna alcohol rehab centers, St. John’s Recovery Place is a leading drug and alcohol rehab with the best inpatient, aftercare, and detox programs. You are not alone in your battle with addiction; get in touch with us for professional help.

Aetna Alcohol Rehab Centers
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Aetna Alcohol Rehab Centers
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Aetna Alcohol Rehab Centers Aetna Alcohol Rehab Centers Aetna Alcohol Rehab Centers Aetna Alcohol Rehab Centers