Alcohol Rehab For Veterans

St. John's Recovery Place is a reputed alcohol rehab for veterans with customized addiction treatment programs and a compassionate clinical team. We help veterans overcome their mental health issues alongside addiction using a combination of evidence-based therapies and holistic treatments.

Why our rehab provides a better alternative to VA treatment for alcoholism? 

With very few approved VA alcohol treatment centers, it can be hard for you to join a rehab close to where you live. Besides, VA rehabs can have long waiting times and may not provide customized addiction treatment.

We are one of the top-rated luxury rehab centers in Florida for alcohol addiction, with compassionate and experienced therapists and evidence-based treatments. Our holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL has  the lowest relapse rates in the business. Unlike other rehabs, our relationship with our recovering addicts does not end with their addiction treatment. Our team of clinicians keeps a constant check on our alumni patients through ongoing care programs and work on strengthening their commitment to sobriety in the long term.

Why can't I get sober on my own?

Getting clean takes more than perseverance, willpower, and a relentless determination to change. You must seek professional guidance from a skilled and experienced clinical team to overcome the withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings. Besides, addiction often stems from underlying mental health issues. Joining our Florida addiction recovery centers can help you heal and recover from the co-occurring mental health issues alongside addiction and help you attain improved mental wellness.

Quitting drugs or alcohol cold turkey may not only lead to life-threatening consequences but can put you at a high risk of relapse as well. Addiction treatment encompasses several steps, such as medical detox, counseling, individual and group therapy, psychotherapies, support group meetings, and ongoing care treatment. Make sure to join a reputed drug addiction rehab in Florida for a safe and speedy recovery from your behavioral and mental health issues.

Benefits of addiction treatment for veterans

Veterans, in general, are at a high risk of developing addiction and co-occurring mental health issues due to their combat exposure and warfare experiences. Seeking addiction treatment from a licensed rehab can offer an array of benefits to military personnel:

  • It can help them cope and process their traumatic memories and allow them to heal and recover from their underlying mental health issues.
  • It helps veterans regain control over their mind, body, and spirit and equips them with the coping skills necessary for a sober and fulfilling life.
  • Florida drug treatment can help veterans prevent relapse in the future and provide them with access to a network of communal support.

Reach us at 833-397-3422 to sign up for addiction treatment at St. John's Recovery Place. We are a pioneer alcohol rehab for veterans with evidence-based psychotherapies and the lowest relapse rates. Our clinicians go to great lengths to identify and address the underlying causes of addiction, which will reduce the risk of relapse significantly in the long term. We can help you break free from your destructive behavioral patterns; call us today!

Alcohol Rehab For Veterans
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Alcohol Rehab For Veterans Alcohol Rehab For Veterans Alcohol Rehab For Veterans Alcohol Rehab For Veterans