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The incredible quality of an excellent rehab program is its ability to raise self-awareness and allow long-term sobriety. The medical and therapy programs should help you center yourself to awaken childhood and teenage feelings that drive you to addiction. It helps when the rehab has a complete recovery program to focus on yourself intensely from the same environment.

Our Florida addiction recovery centers get a lot of contentment from helping patients overcome the most brutal battles with comprehensive healing programs. Our first goal is to help you continue to surrender and enhance your healing willpower.

The complete alcohol recovery process by drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Jacksonville FL 

Checking in

The professional drug rehab professional begins treatment with a medical approach. The goal is to ease your body and mind from the chemical imbalance and improve your attitude for the next stage. The medical examiner at luxury rehab centers in Jacksonville Florida looks at the following as you check in to establish the right approach:

  • The effects of your current addiction
  • Possible addiction history
  • Mental state

Alcohol treatment centers use the information to plan your average length of stay, customize your experience and recommend the best medication to support your physical and mental recovery.


The detoxification stage removes alcohol from your body to cleanse the chemicals that trap you in the addiction. The type and intensity of the detox depend on the addiction and could take anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks. Our alcohol rehab in Jacksonville handles uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms with medication that suits your state.


Detox puts you on the right path of recovery and gives room for you to absorb therapy lessons. The early stage is the initial abstinence that is often tough because you do not have the emotional and mental skills to cope. Our therapist will help you lead a sober lifestyle by reconnecting you with your driving emotions and thoughts. Some working strategies include:

  • Encouraging you to participate in healthy sports
  • Developing thought patterns to control triggers causing an addiction

SJRP has many different therapy forms to help you overcome the addiction and prevent relapse. The different types of therapies include:

  • Individual therapy to address your psyche
  • Specific therapy like cognitive behavioral and motivational counseling
  • Family counseling so your support system at home knows how they can support your recovery

After rehab programs

Florida drug treatment and recovery do not stop when you leave rehab. You begin the actual recovery because you are now practicing the lessons you picked up in rehab. According to your situation, we will plan your aftercare program and suggest medical evaluations, follow-up therapy, and alumni support for at least three months. You will discover that the outpatient programs help you with the following skills:

  • Avoiding substance abuse
  • Helps build relationships
  • Money and employment management skills
  • Managing extreme emotions like anger and sadness
  • Using healthy coping mechanisms like nutrition and exercise to maintain a clean and sober state

Alcohol treatment is a lifelong process that helps you change your entire perspective on life for long-term success. Contact our drug addiction rehab in Jacksonville, Florida, to speak with admissions, verify your insurance, or get help for someone you know with drug addiction.


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Alcohol Rehab Jacksonville Alcohol Rehab Jacksonville Alcohol Rehab Jacksonville Alcohol Rehab Jacksonville