Alcohol Treatment In Florida

St. John’s Recovery Place offers unsurpassed alcohol treatment in Florida at an upscale facility with an experienced staff team. Our drug addiction rehab in Florida offers the best medical detox and inpatient treatment and helps our patients attain a safe and speedy recovery from their behavioral and mental health issues.

What are the signs of a drinking issue?

Alcohol is intertwined in our culture, often causing individuals to develop alcoholism. While it can be tricky to tell if you have a drinking problem, here are a few compelling signs that can help you find out:

  1. You end up doing things you regret while you are drunk.
  2. You wish to cut down on alcohol consumption or intend to quit it altogether, but keep failing.
  3. Your body develops a tolerance to alcohol, causing you to drink in larger quantities even to feel a buzz.
  4. You no longer drink to enjoy the social experience but to satisfy a routine.
  5. You put yourself in dangerous situations when intoxicated.

Seek help from one of the Florida addiction recovery centers as soon as possible if you experience one or more of these symptoms. We are one of the few luxury rehab centers in Florida to offer holistic therapies and medication-assisted treatments for alcohol and drug addiction.

Medication-assisted treatments for alcoholism

As a pioneer drug addiction rehab in Florida, we use medication-assisted therapy to help patients overcome the withdrawal phase safely. Here are some of the drugs that we use to help recovering addicts attain comprehensive recovery from alcoholism:

  1. Acamprosate – It helps reduce cravings and alleviates withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Naltrexone – Naltrexone reduces cravings and blocks the pleasurable effects produced by the drug in the brain.
  3. Vivitrol – This drug is an extended-release formulation of Naltrexone
  4. Disulfiram – Disulfiram causes the body to produce specific adverse effects when consuming alcohol.

Ranked among the top alcohol treatment centers, we administer prescription drugs alongside other therapies to boost the recovery success rate. Medications eliminate your desire to drink by creating a negative physical reaction to alcohol.

Inpatient rehab for alcoholism

Inpatient addiction treatment is an ideal treatment choice for those who wish to focus on recovery without getting affected by triggers, cravings, or stressors of everyday life. It offers an immersive healing experience and may be highly beneficial for those who have tried other addiction treatments unsuccessfully. Inpatient Florida drug treatment for alcoholism may last between 1 - 6 months or longer, depending upon your progress in recovery.

Some of the treatments available at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL include holistic therapies like animal-assisted therapy, equine therapy, art therapy, massage therapy, neuro integration, and recreational therapy. These and other experiential therapies change the way participants react to stressful external stimuli and equips them with healthy coping mechanisms. The inpatient rehab has the highest success rates as it offers around-the-clock medical care and personalized support and supervision from the clinical staff.

Your journey towards sobriety and a brighter tomorrow is just a phone call away. Reach us at 833-397-3422 to speak to a treatment professional. St. John’s Recovery Place is a top-rated rehab for alcohol treatment in Florida with a supportive staff team, customized healing programs, and holistic therapies. Call us now to check your insurance.

Alcohol Treatment In Florida
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Alcohol Treatment In Florida
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Alcohol Treatment In Florida Alcohol Treatment In Florida Alcohol Treatment In Florida Alcohol Treatment In Florida