Blue Cross Blue Shield Alcohol Rehab Centers

St. John’s Recovery Place is among the best Blue Cross Blue Shield alcohol rehab centers with a diligent clinical team and modern amenities. With breathtaking views, high-end accommodations, holistic therapies, and evidence-based treatments, we offer unsurpassed addiction care and support in a state-of-the-art rehab center.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover the alcohol treatment?

BCBS plans offer coverage for alcohol addiction treatment, but the length of treatment and the services covered may vary depending upon your plan and your addiction circumstance. Speak to an admissions officer at a drug treatment center that takes BCBS to verify your insurance and discuss coverage details.

Blue Cross Blue Shield policy plans and coverage

According to ACA, each plan covers a certain amount of the total healthcare costs. Here are some of the BCBS plans and their coverage details:

  1. Bronze - Covers 60% of medical costs and comes with a low monthly payment but a high deductible.
  2. Silver - 70% coverage of medical costs, an affordable monthly payment, and lower deductible.
  3. Gold - 80% of medical costs and a low deductible, but policyholders pay a higher monthly premium.
  4. Platinum - This policy provides the highest coverage and involves the highest monthly payment with the lowest deductible.

If you anticipate more medical costs in the future, Gold or Platinum tiers may be the best option for you. The Bronze or Silver plans are ideal for those who do not have many healthcare needs.

Will Blue Cross Blue Shield cover out-of-network alcohol rehab?

While most rehabs facilities accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for addiction treatment, some treatment centers are out-of-network for BCBS. When you join an out-of-network rehab facility, you may incur more out-of-pocket costs.

However, you may still receive some services under BCBS when joining an out-of-network rehab. For instance, BCBS accepts attending an out-of-network treatment center if you cannot get to an in-network rehab quickly. While your plan may cover some out-of-network services in unusual circumstances, you will need prior authorization from your insurer for such special accommodations.

Does BCBS cover co-occurring mental health conditions?

When you join a Blue Cross Blue Shield alcohol rehab, you can use your BCBS insurance plan to pay for addiction, as well as your mental health treatment. Some of the treatments for co-occurring mental health conditions include psychotherapies, applied behavior analysis, and residential rehab treatment. Call your insurance provider to learn about your plan's specifics.

How to pay for what my insurance doesn’t cover?

For some policyholders, their insurance plan may not cover some part of the treatment. Discuss with BCBS alcohol treatment center to find out other financing options.

Besides, some rehabs offer a sliding scale fee or easy payment options for deserving patients. Either way, make sure to have a backup plan for paying the remaining amount. Even if your insurance does not cover the total cost of your treatment, do not let it stop you from seeking the help you need to get better.

Verify your insurance today by reaching us at 833-397-3422. Our integrated treatment approach helps our recovering addicts maintain sobriety in the long term and empowers them with core skills to lead a healthy, active, and fulfilling life. St. John’s Recovery Place is one of the premier blue cross blue shield alcohol rehab centers with the lowest relapse rates.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Alcohol Rehab Centers
St Johns Recovery Place
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Blue Cross Blue Shield Alcohol Rehab Centers
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Blue Cross Blue Shield Alcohol Rehab Centers Blue Cross Blue Shield Alcohol Rehab Centers Blue Cross Blue Shield Alcohol Rehab Centers Blue Cross Blue Shield Alcohol Rehab Centers