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Have you ever heard about horses being a part of alcohol and addiction treatment? Equine therapy has evolved as a major form of treatment offered as a drug and alcohol rehab Florida service allowing addicts to have better control over their emotions. What is equine therapy and how can it work miracles for someone going through the phase of recovery?

What Is Equine Therapy?

Equine Therapy refers to the involvement of horses in the therapy process. People feel more confident and happy with their pets, and this very approach gives more the idea of making horses a part of psychotherapy. Patients are engaged in activities revolving around horses such as grooming, feeding, and horseback riding under the scrutiny of a professional therapist.

How Horses Help In Recovering From Addiction?

Horses react according to the mood of their rider. The therapy works by bonding a connection between patients and the horse. The horse adapts to a rider’s behavior and can even understand the deepest, saddest emotions of the patients. Seeing how positively the addict works with the horse and how much he/she trusts the animal, the therapists pick up the opportunity to identify the issues disturbing him/her mentally. Equine therapy has shown positive outcomes for patients undergoing treatment in alcohol treatment centers.

Who Offers Equine Therapy In Florida?

Not many Florida addiction recovery centers offer this high level of therapy. St. John’s Recovery Place has luxury rehab centers in Florida allowing patients to take a horse ride as a part of the addiction therapy program. By allowing residents to spend some time outside the drug addiction center, we allow you to get some fresh air and invest your time in thrilling sport.

The Aim Of Our Equine Therapy

As a leading drug addiction rehab in Florida, we aim to build trust, develop strong communication between the therapist and the addicts. With this therapy, we try to bring stability and encourage emotional wellness among our residents. The therapy is carried out on a weekly basis by Dr. Ashley Thompson of Thompson Therapy. Seeing the thrill and excitement of riding a horse is what makes our residents all too eager to be on the horseback each weekend.

Our Equine Therapy Guide

Dr. Ashley helps our residents to develop a connection with the horse. Her approach is to unravel the deeper feelings and emotions of a patient to devise a treatment plan. By connecting a patient with the same horse from the start to the end, she makes sure that they develop a sense of love and compassion. The horse and the resident start understanding each other and develop a strong bond helping the person to remember the animal as his/her best friend.

Get Help From Our Florida Drug Treatment Center

If you too want to feel free and at peace while sitting on horseback, you are welcome to become a part of our rehab. We use this unique approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL. Contact us today for admissions at https://www.sjrp.com/admissions/


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