Drug Rehab Centers In Orlando Florida

At St. John’s Recovery Place, we know that the rehabilitation treatment is a complex process. It involves numerous programs and recovery modalities, and not all facilities specialize in all of them. Our drug rehab centers in Orlando, Florida, do, providing patients with a complete rehab journey with numerous recovery programs under one roof.

These include:

  • Detox services - Our Orlando addiction recovery centers rely on preliminary assessments and detox services to stabilize patients and prepare them for upcoming rehabilitation programs. The detox treatment is key for cleansing the body of toxins and rewiring the brain’s chemical pathways.
  • Inpatient treatment – The inpatient program at our luxury rehab centers in Orlando, Florida, places patients in a controlled, comfortable, and supportive recovery environment. You will remain here between 30 and 90 days, depending on your addiction’s type and severity and overall response to treatment.
  • Outpatient programs – Our alcohol treatment centers use outpatient care to reinforce our patients’ commitment to sobriety. Programs like PHP or IOP are ideal as transition phases between inpatient treatment and a more independent and self-sufficient lifestyle.
  • Alumni and aftercare – The ideal drug addiction rehab in Florida should come with extensive Alumni and aftercare services. These are perfect as tools for social reintegration and relapse prevention over the years.
  • Sober living assistance – Many addiction victims require comprehensive support post-rehab to help them embrace a stable, balanced, and healthy lifestyle moving forward. Our sober living program is a core feature of our Florida drug treatment as it helps people adjust to an independent and sober lifestyle. The program may last up to a year and will place you in a home-like environment. This is where you will learn home errands, interact with other individuals, and take care of yourself with the assistance of our premier recovery team.

Why you need to join our rehab center

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Orlando, FL, encompasses all core treatment programs and modalities. This aspect alone with save you a lot of time and money jumping between facilities. Undergoing full recovery under the same roof comes with unique benefits, such as:

  • Avoiding the wasted time and money looking for the rehab program that your center lacks
  • Undergoing uninterrupted rehab, minimizing the risk of relapse and providing compelling health benefits
  • Bonding with the staff and forming a family, providing you with mental, emotional, and spiritual strength along the way
  • Receive continuous support and assistance, no matter the problems you’re facing, etc.

Our drug rehab centers in Orlando, Florida, teach patients about the importance of self-control, determination, and sober living. Our program’s effectiveness rests on our unparalleled approach to rehab, allowing patients to undergo gradual rehabilitation via our structured treatment protocol.

If you require intensive care at the best rehabilitation centers in the industry, contact St. John’s Recovery Place today! You can discuss our insurance plans available, treatment programs, and recovery services at 833-397-3422. Our expert clinicians will take your case and prepare you for treatment as soon as possible. This is your opportunity to quit addiction and begin your journey towards a better life.

Drug Rehab Centers In Orlando Florida
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Drug Rehab Centers In Orlando Florida
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Drug Rehab Centers In Orlando Florida Drug Rehab Centers In Orlando Florida Drug Rehab Centers In Orlando Florida Drug Rehab Centers In Orlando Florida