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At St. John’s Recovery Place, we have built one of the most innovative and modern recovery facilities in the business. Our drug rehab in Fort Lauderdale, FL, operates under the strictest quality standards, looking to provide our patients with a unique recovery experience. Here’s what separates us from other facilities you may encounter on your search for the ideal rehab center:

A story of innovation

At our point of birth, we knew that falling in line with other rehab facilities will only lead us to a path of mediocrity – and we wanted to achieve greatness. We have decided to build our Ft Lauderdale addiction recovery centers in the heart of Florida’s nature, hoping to help our patients reconnect with the primordial cradle – nature itself. This approach has worked wonderfully over the years and still engages our patients in numerous outdoor group activities.

The same innovative power transpires through our holistic programs, ensuring an astounding diversity. Some of the core holistic modalities we use to rejuvenate our patients’ bodies, minds, and spirits include:

  • Adventure therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Massage sessions
  • Yoga
  • Music and art therapy
  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • Outdoor weekly group activities
  • Boating
  • Mini golf
  • Regular gym sessions, etc.

Philosophy and values

Our goal is to transform our luxury rehab centers in Fort Lauderdale in huge, comfortable, and welcoming homes, accommodating as many people as possible. We believe we have achieved this already, providing our patients with access to high-end amenities with private bedrooms, gourmet meals, interior and exterior spaces for relaxation and fun, and much more.

Another crucial point to note is our propensity towards long-term rehabilitation. We believe that substance addiction is a complex disorder that you cannot overcome in the span of a few weeks. The recovery treatment will most likely last for a lifetime, involving long-term sobriety management and relapse prevention. Our core job is to teach people how to preserve their sobriety for years to come, long after they have left our alcohol treatment centers.

This means learning how to rebuild their career, fix broken relationships with loved ones, and embrace a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle overall.

A history of success

Our successes speak for themselves. Our drug addiction rehab in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has served the interests of numerous clients over the years. Our team of clinicians continue to help patients:

  • Overcome the withdrawal, no matter how severe, in a clean, comfortable, and controlled environment
  • Address their negative behaviors, thoughts, and emotions and seek balance and positivity in everything
  • Identify and address co-occurring mental disorders
  • Teach about long-term relapse prevention and avoiding social triggers, etc.

Our Florida drug treatment lives up to the highest expectations in the industry. If you’re interested in finding more about our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL, we advise you to contact our team today.

Speak to our St. John’s Recovery Place professionals asap and ask for information about insurance coverage and available treatments. You can come to our center when you feel ready to undergo clinical assessment and prepare for our drug rehab in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale Fl
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Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale Fl
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Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale Fl Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale Fl Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale Fl Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale Fl