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Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Alcohol abuse is a dangerous activity that can lead to alcohol addiction and dependence. Call SJRP Admissions to find out if our team can help you overcome alcohol addiction.

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Drug Treatment Centers In Florida

St. John’s Recovery Place is a leading chain of Luxury rehab centers in Florida. We have three primely located, state-of-the-art Florida drug treatment facilities that offer the most luxurious, and peaceful Drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL. Our trained, professional, and very caring staff makes this highly tough journey of fighting drug addiction, easy for you by constant support, motivation, and care. We offer our patients a serene, mentally soothing, and luxurious environment with a range of alternative treatment plans to choose from so that they have an as easy journey as possible, and can successfully fight their addiction for their and their loved ones' sake.

One unique form of therapy that we provide at our Drug addiction rehab in Florida, and has been proven to be a highly successful form for long-lasting successful rehab from addictions and very low relapse chances, is a therapy method known as Adventure Therapy. We offer a wide range of adventure therapy for all of our residents, which they can choose from per their interests, physical fitness, etc.

What is Adventure Therapy?

Adventure therapy is a type of psychotherapy. It originated in 1960 but is becoming increasingly popular with rehab facilities. It is a form of therapy that tries to strike the perfect balance between nature, community building, social behavior, and a streak of thrill or adventure. This therapy is highly effective because it works for the betterment of both, the addict’s mental as well as physical health. Adventure therapies make an addict more fit, socially interactive, occupied with their time, and provides them with an outlet to release their vent up frustration or breathe in the fresh air, to combat the symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal in their bodies.

Why We Offer Adventure Therapy In Our Drug Treatment Centers In Florida?

At SJRP Florida addiction recovery centers, we firmly believe in providing productive treatment therapies for our patients that help them in getting rid of their addictions for good, so that they can enjoy their life to the fullest and get rid of their addictions forever. We see adventure therapy as a mode of therapy that not only helps an addict fight their addiction but it also creates productive energy and helps with keeping in check the addict's mental and physical health. It provides an outlet for the addict to focus on when they are craving the substance they were addicted to and provides an opportunity to divert their mind and use their energy for something refreshing.

Additionally, here’s a list of other benefits that Adventure therapy provides:

  • Increases resiliency,
  • Promotes good social relationships and community building,
  • Leads towards emotional discovery,
  • Makes a person grateful for the bounties of life,
  • Reduces symptoms like anxiety, depression, introverted nature, etc.,
  • Uplifts the self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence of an individual,
  • Teaches positive life skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, survival techniques, etc.

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Drug Treatment Centers In Florida Drug Treatment Centers In Florida Drug Treatment Centers In Florida Drug Treatment Centers In Florida
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