Florida Drug Treatment Facilities

The road to recovery from drug addiction is a difficult one to take. To ensure that your body and mind recover optimally and you remain sober throughout your life, you need to have medical and emotional support. If you are ready to make a change and want to start a new life free of alcohol and drugs, we welcome you to St. John’s Recovery Place. Unlike other Florida addiction recovery centers, we design a program that is centered specifically around you.

Heal In A Beautiful Location

We are among the luxury rehab centers in Florida that help patients to restore their lives while living in calm and pleasant surroundings. We are located on the beautiful Crescent Lake in the Crescent City of Florida. Our Florida drug treatment facilities give you a direct view of the lake, allowing you to feel closer to nature. By fostering you in a calm and peaceful environment, we not only take you closer to nature, but the beauty around you also helps you in your recovery process.

Enjoy A Lot Of Amenities

Often alcohol treatment centers keep their patients stuck to the doctor-treatment routine, but we infuse quality sports into your treatment plans. When you walk through our doors, you will see a mini-golf course perfect for people who love to fight addiction in a gentleman style. Besides, miniature golf, we have a wide range of games for our patients, including cards and even video games.

Relish Into Your Favorite Meals

Addiction to drugs and alcohol takes away your appetite. By moving with us on the path to recovery, you get to taste some amazing meals prepared from the hands of our expert chef. We will help you retake control of your life by incorporating healthy eating habits into your daily routine.

Compassionate Staff

Being in the care of a compassionate and well-versed staff keep you motivated while achieving recovery. Our staff is friendly, has a helping nature, skilled and keen on helping you out in fighting addiction and substance abuse. Our certified team is what makes us the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL. Whether you are struggling with medical detox or having difficulty in expressing your feelings, our caring staff is always there for you.

Comfortable Detox Treatment

Rehabs offering Florida drug treatment simply eliminates the use of comfort meds as patients suffer from withdrawal symptoms. But we believe in giving our patients full control over their treatment procedure. We do involve comfort medications in your therapy process to help you stay focused and achieve your goals of recovery. We will cooperate with you and formulate a plan for your holistic healing.

A Different Approach To Therapies

Our unique therapy sessions make us a leading drug addiction rehab in Florida. Enjoy a healthy massage to gain more control over your body, use art to express your emotions and be friends with animals to gain a trustworthy friend. All these state-of-art therapies can help you move forward in your healing process.

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Florida Drug Treatment Facilities
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Florida Drug Treatment Facilities Florida Drug Treatment Facilities Florida Drug Treatment Facilities Florida Drug Treatment Facilities