How To Get Help For Drug Addiction

Find out how to get help for drug addiction when you call our 24/7 helpline at St. John’s Recovery Place. If you’re confused about addiction treatment, you’re not alone; there are recovery terms to learn and levels of care to navigate as you explore treatment options for yourself or a family member. Our intake staff can help you make the right decisions as you compare Florida addiction recovery centers. Feel free to call us right now at 833-397-3422.

3 Tips For Getting Help For Someone Else With Addiction

1. Visit St. John’s Recovery Place online to find free resources that can make it easier to help someone with an addiction. We know how challenging it can be to offer help to a family member or friend who is battling an addiction; know that if your assistance leads to recovery, the rewards can be great. You can request a free, confidential call with a recovery specialist by contacting our rehab.

Don’t wait to get involved; the sooner your friend or family member receives treatment for an addiction, the more likely they’ll recover fully from the effects of their addiction. We’re here for you, from the moment you call, with free information, advice, and online resources.

2. Prepare for challenges along the way. An addict may be fearful, anxious, or depressed about the fact that they’ve become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Clouded mental capacity can make talking to an addict difficult, too. The following may pose as obstacles in getting a loved one into rehab:

  • The social stigma attached to addiction
  • Fear of painful withdrawals from drugs or alcohol
  • Not wanting to make changes to their lifestyle
  • Embarrassment when it comes to talking about their addiction
  • An underlying mental health disorder preventing recovery

Luxury rehab centers in Florida, like St. John’s Recovery Place, can make rehab less boring and more enjoyable. Discuss our comfort amenities at SJRP with your loved one, as well as the benefits of choosing our rehab over other drug and alcohol treatment centers.

3. Avoid judgmental or negative communication during the intervention. Take the necessary time to plan out what you and others will say, always in a non-confrontational atmosphere that maintains open communication.

If you’re currently engaged in any type of enabling activity, make it clear that you plan to stop immediately because of your love and care for addict. If you need advice from a professional, call our drug addiction rehab in Florida to speak with a counselor at no cost.

Best-In-Class Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in FL

You’re not on this road alone; St. John’s Recovery Place is always just one phone call away if you need to hear a friendly voice or seek counsel while trying to get a loved one into rehab. If you’re searching the Web for how to get help for drug addiction, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Along with helpful telephone communication, you’ll find our website to be a font of informative content and resources.

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