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SJRP ranks among the most extensive, modern, and reliable rehabilitation facilities, promoting personalized detox and unparalleled inpatient rehab in Orlando. As an addiction victim dealing with life-altering withdrawal symptoms and side effects, finding reliable treatment fast can be a game-changer.

Do I need to go to a rehab facility?

The answer is yes in almost all scenarios for several reasons. These include:

  • Getting the treatment you need – People who resort to self-treatments fail to obtain any meaningful results. Lacking the knowledge you need in the field will cause you to make mistakes along the way and experience health complications as a result. Our rehab consists of having a team of professionals by your side at all times. Their expertise and experience will minimize the health risks associated with undergoing detox and rehab.
  • Minimizing the relapse risks – Attempting to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction on your own has little chance of success. Most individuals relapse soon into the process due to intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms. We place patients in a comfortable and luxurious recovery environment under 24/7 supervision. With no access to drugs or alcohol, the risks of relapse are basically non-existent.
  • Countering or preventing co-occurring disorders – We offer dual diagnosis treatment to identify and address co-occurring disorders like anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, etc. This approach will speed your recovery and allow you to embrace a more positive, balanced, and fulfilling life moving forward.
  • Providing reliable anti-relapse tools – Our program’s goal is to help you remain sober in the long run. In this sense, our inpatient rehab in Orlando comes with therapies, community programs, and training sessions to teach you about the perks of sober living.

These aspects show that our program’s goal is to help you embrace a lifestyle of sobriety, balance, and positivity. They are the core of the recovery program and essential for a compelling healing journey.

How the rehabilitation treatment works

The rehab process will take you through several recovery phases, mainly:

  • Initial assessment – Assessing your overall physical and psychiatric status to identify any potential health issues. Our experts will also assess your condition’s specifics to determine the ideal rehabilitation approach.
  • Medical detoxification – The detox process aims to stabilize your condition, counter the withdrawal, and cleanse your body of alcohol and drug-related components. This will allow you to contain your cravings better and allow your nervous system to return to normal.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis treatment begins with the inpatient program and continues as part of the aftercare treatment. At our inpatient rehab in Orlando, the treatment consists of pharmacotherapy, counseling, and psychotherapy, along with other advanced therapeutic modalities.

Our rehabilitation program also relies on long-term assistance and aftercare via our alumni experience. If you’re ready to join a reliable inpatient rehabilitation program today, we recommend contacting our leading professionals.

SJRP offers access to a modern rehabilitation and detox facility with extensive amenities and patient-oriented care. You can call one of our rehab professionals today to inform yourself of our insurance plans and available treatments.

Inpatient Rehab Orlando
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Inpatient Rehab Orlando
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Inpatient Rehab Orlando Inpatient Rehab Orlando Inpatient Rehab Orlando Inpatient Rehab Orlando