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Deciding to get into a rehabilitation center for Jacksonville, FL, is a huge step that most addiction victims struggle with. If you’re already beyond that, your next concern should be whether you are ready for rehab or not. At St. John’s Recovery Place, we prepare patients for treatment by advising them on the steps to follow. These include:

Solving your pending bills

If you require detox, inpatient care, and outpatient assistance, prepare to leave your home for a minimum of 60 days. It can be more, depending on your condition, the existence of co-occurring disorders, and overall response to treatment. This means you need to solve your bills before arriving at our Jacksonville addiction recovery centers to prevent unwanted financial complications.

You can do this either by paying them in advance or have someone pay them for you.

Know what to bring and what to avoid

Our luxury rehab centers in Jacksonville, Florida, have specific rules when it comes to the items you can bring with you. There’s no drugs, alcohol, or other similar substance allowed, and this is an aspect that you definitely need to discuss with one of our experts.

You can bring personal hygiene items, books, pictures of loved ones, comfortable clothes, etc. All these items are meant to make your life easier and more comfortable during rehab.

Take care of your loved ones

If you have elderly persons, children, or other family members that depend on you, make arrangements to have someone care for their welbeing while you are gone. You should solve this issue before coming to our alcohol treatment centers and make sure they remain protected and cared for during your treatment.

Before the treatment, you should also talk to your employer to make sure you don’t leave any loose ends. The law protects you in this sense.

Bring in positivity, hope, and determination

These are the three core traits to bring with you at our drug addiction rehab in Jacksonville, Florida. Positivity and hope will help you maintain a bright attitude throughout the treatment, while determination is key for allowing you to keep moving in the right direction.

The Florida drug treatment will consist of a long and demanding journey, and you need all your strengths to breakthrough. Don’t worry; our leading clinical professionals will guide and support you throughout.

How to know if I need rehab treatment?

Several indicators are showing the need for professional rehab. The most important one is the withdrawal, which can come with a variety of symptoms. Uncontrollable cravings, mood swings, feelings of apathy or depression are among the common ones, but there are dozens of others to look out for. We recommend speaking to our rehabilitation specialists to determine if you qualify for our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Jacksonville, FL.

St. John’s Recovery Place invites you to the most reputed rehabilitation center in Jacksonville, FL. You can call 833-397-3422 if you wish to verify your insurance coverage or ask for details about our treatments and recovery services.

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Rehabilitation Center Jacksonville Fl Rehabilitation Center Jacksonville Fl Rehabilitation Center Jacksonville Fl Rehabilitation Center Jacksonville Fl