SJRP Recovery Centers Help Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida to Flourish 

The United States has begun to see a surging uptick in substance abuse cases across the nation. With stress levels on the rise, many families and individuals find it hard to cope with the demands of their professional and personal lives. Thus, many result in seeking stress relief outside themselves, some finding solace in exercise or the arts, while others fall victim to the allures of drugs and alcohol. No one intentionally becomes an addict. 

 Yet, despite the worry and dismay substance abuse and addictions bring to individuals and their loved ones, there is hope for Sunshine State community members. Many rehabilitation facilities exist to provide substance abuse treatment in Florida as a valid medical intervention. Individuals who attend rehab in Florida enjoy many recovery benefits that help them flourish throughout rehabilitation. Even so, not all substance abuse treatment centers in Florida are equal. And not every individual thrives in traditional drug or alcohol addiction treatment settings. Nevertheless, addiction cases are born every day, affecting millions of Americans each year.

Addiction treatment centers like St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) exist primarily to extend holistic rehab services to individuals in need. People in need of alcohol addiction treatment in Tampa, FL, and other regions of the Sunshine State can count on SJRP for help, no matter how dire their circumstances may seem. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Tampa, Florida, comes highly recommended in the recovery community. Even so, many areas of rehabilitation practice can stand renovation in the tropical zone. St. John’s has taken it upon itself to lead the renovation of substance abuse treatment in Florida, formulating an innovative, holistic healing experience for all clients. 

St. John’s Holistic Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida 

St. John’s Recovery Place combines everyday rehab with alternative practices to create the most holistic substance abuse treatment in Florida possible. Focusing on individual benefits in treatment, SJRP helps therapists, nurses, support group leaders, and other addiction treatment professionals cultivate specialized rehab programs designed to help people flourish in recovery. The typical substance abuse treatment program in Florida includes:

  • Medical detox 
  • Inpatient rehab 
  • Outpatient rehab 
  • Support group 
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapies 

 Yet, even though these recovery interventions comprise general treatment programs in Florida, many rehabilitation centers offer only one or two of the services listed above. SJRP is different. Challenging the social norms of substance abuse treatment in Florida, St. John’s goes above and beyond for residential clients, offering individuals the opportunity to engage in several rehab platforms, including:

Several alternative and complementary rehabilitation therapies are also commonly utilized in St. John’s Recovery Place programs, including services such as animal-assisted therapy and art expression interventions. At SJRP, individual healing is recognized and celebrated. Although individuals will need to work through each phase of recovery in order, SJRP diligently works to support clients and their unique needs throughout substance abuse treatment in Florida. Working through constant re-evaluation in each rehab program, SJRP readjusts treatment to meet clients wherever they are in their recovery journey, basing services on individual needs so the resident may flourish. 

St. John’s Setting the Example for Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida 

Not many drug or alcohol rehab centers in Florida merge quality traditional and alternative practices like St. John’s Recovery Place. But SJRP aims to lead substance abuse treatment facilities in rethinking their use or rehab services to best suit the needs of their clients, helping all types of residents flourish under rehabilitation centers’ care. If you or a loved one requires help to beat an alcohol or substance abuse disorder or addiction, SJRP can help. 

 Marrying tradition with innovation, SJRP supplies clients from all walks of life with the rehabilitative services that best suit them. From music to art, mindfulness meditation training, anger management, and CBT, SJRP does it all to help guide their residents through recovery from start to finish. If you or a loved one would like to know more about St. John’s Recovery Place and its affiliated practices, you can call today at 1-833-397-3422. Don’t wait for another second to begin your healing! St. John’s is here to help you heal on your terms.