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Drug addictions and alcoholism permeate the lives of millions of Americans each year. The nation spends billions of dollars in attempts to keep up with the side effects of this fast-growing epidemic. Car accidents, domestic disturbances, gang wars, overdoses, and rising infectious diseases are all symptoms of chronic substance abuse the public must endure. 

But no matter how much communities wrestle with these and other symptoms of addiction, the greater battle remains for the individuals fighting substance abuse themselves. Fortunately, drug and alcohol rehab and treatment centers exist all across the country to help individuals fight the influence of chronic substance abuse. Finding the proper drug detox in Florida to suit you will be the most challenging part of addiction rehab. Luckily, St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) leads the way for rehabilitation treatment, beginning by showing drug detox centers in Florida how to ease patients into the healing network effectively.  

What are Drug Detox Centers in Florida? 

Drug addiction treatment should not manifest as a one-size-fits-all process. Typically, there are a series of rehabilitative practices clients must work through to achieve their recovery goals. These goals are unique to the individual, but overall, many patients pursue the same ultimate objective; ceasing problematic drug or alcohol use indefinitely. The rehab process can prove lengthy and challenging. Still, clients can find peace in with St. John’s Recovery Place, knowing the company is working to tailor treatment to fit their specific needs for the most beneficial outcome. 

Even though drug addiction treatment and healing are not linear, the processes of SJRP rehab all begin the same. St. John’s Recovery Place starts addiction treatment with medical or drug detox. Treatment at SJRP begins this way to help the patient clear their mind and detox off outside substance’s influence completely.

Medical detoxification is the initial process of purging outside substances from the body. For some individuals, this process can take about two weeks, where they are supervised 24/7 in the case of a medical emergency. For others who wrestle with severe substance use conditions, the process may take three weeks or longer with medication assistance included in the detox center’s program to help the individual decrease their risk for serious withdrawal complications. Each person reacts to the withdrawal and detoxification phase differently. For this reason, SJRP’s drug detox centers in Florida integrate flexible medicinal use and therapeutic practice to help the client achieve a successful withdrawal period. 

Why Choose SJRP for Drug Detox, Florida Addiction Treatment?

The St. John’s Recovery Place team understands how frightening and overwhelming enrolling in a drug detox center in Florida can prove. But we assure you, you are in the greatest hands with us as you work through your drug detox. Florida is home to many wonders, and the warm weather and sunshine add significant comfort and healing benefits to the withdrawal and recovery journey. 

In SJRP’s drug detox program, residents receive the utmost privacy and compassion during care. After making it through the admissions process and intake day, individuals immediately begin their medical detoxification programs. The process generally takes two to three weeks depending on the client and can include medication assistance modalities and introductory practices to individual inpatient therapy. Drug detox in Florida has clients monitored consistently throughout withdrawal and have access to any medical, emotional, or physical assistance 24/7 for the duration of their drug detox schedule before moving into residential rehab. 

SJRP uses a plethora of individual, family, and group counseling activities, therapies, and services to help individuals achieve the most holistic healing experience possible. These treatments include traditional, alternative, and complementary therapeutic methodologies and can be extended beyond drug detox and inpatient programs to meet individual needs. If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse or addiction, there is no longer any need to fear. 

Once you enroll with SJRP for drug detox in Florida, you become a permanent member of the St. John’s family. We are happy to care for and serve you in this time of need and celebrate with you over every triumph you achieve. Individuals looking to learn more about St. John’s Recovery Place, its programs for drug detox centers in Florida, other rehabilitation services, and more can visit us online or call 1-833-397-3422. Don’t let addiction rule over your life even one more day. Enroll in our medical detox program and take back control over your life; you’ll be happy you took the plunge into healing.  

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