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SJRP’s Amphetamines Detox Center Helps Individuals Manage Withdrawal with Greater Ease  

Amphetamine withdrawal is no pleasant experience to encounter, but with St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP), the process of detoxification can prove much more manageable. Unfortunately, withdrawal is inherently an uncomfortable but unavoidable process for many people. The procedure involves a sectioned time of drug or alcohol abstinence that the individual must strictly follow. Once this period is completed successfully, with no outside substance use, the process successfully allows a person’s body to rid itself of the influences of drugs or alcohol.   

Once the withdrawal process is complete, the individual can begin to involve themselves in standard inpatient addiction treatment practices. At St. John’s Recovery Place, the amphetamines detox center run by the company issues clients anywhere from two to three weeks to complete the withdrawal process before beginning usually scheduled treatment. The duration of the program depends entirely on the individual and the severity of their case. Some people may work through withdrawal, experiencing only mild symptoms of discomfort; others may need extended detox procedures to help ease their experience and ensure their overall health and safety. 


Regardless of the severity each person experiences, any individual who has misused, abused, formed an addiction, or dependence on drugs such as amphetamines–and other substances–must undergo withdrawal. It is physically impossible for an individual who struggles with addiction not to experience the eliminating process, although some may have a significantly easier withdrawal experience than others. St. John’s Recovery Place recognizes that the withdrawal process can look vastly different for each addiction case. As a result, the amphetamines detox center provides its residents with flexible treatment guidelines to meet their specific needs. Addiction is a complex condition, and the withdrawal process is no different. Healing from an amphetamine addiction is challenging, but with SJRP, recovery is possible. 

Amphetamines, Detox Centers, and SJRP’s Approach to Withdrawal and Medical Detox  

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