Meth Detox Centers in Florida are Looking to SJRP to Lead the Way 

Methamphetamines (meth), a crystalline substance with huge addictive potential, was never designed to be a drug of misuse. Initially created to help manage attention deficit disorders, curb overly aggressive appetites, and regulate disturbed sleep schedules, methamphetamines were originally helpful management aids geared towards assisting individuals in finding balance. Yet unfortunately, meth’s reputation for taking immediate effect and producing bursts of focusable, “feel good” energy soon led the drug to become an object of interest amongst non-medicinal users. 

 Meth grew beyond being a simple stabilizing aid, becoming more volatile and widespread with each case of chronic or intentional misuse. Today, methamphetamine addiction affects over 964,000 individuals directly, an estimated 12.3 million Americans (or more) reporting use of the drug at least once in their lifetime. 

Meth addictions are not easy adversaries to challenge. Fortunately, the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP), paves the way for individuals seeking to recover from such disabling chronic conditions. SJRP sets new program goals to help other rehab facilities better navigate rehabilitative procedures and policies. The withdrawal process can prove messy and challenging to work through, but with SJRP’s meth detox center, recovery is possible for all who put their mind, body, and spirit into healing. 

St. John’s Meth Detox Center, Leading Programs and Order of Events  

St. John’s Recovery Place aims to streamline services that coincide with their meth detox center’s program plans. Attempting to make rehab more appealing and less stressful to plan out for potential residents struggling with financial affairs or aligning treatments SJRP sports rehabilitative processes for every phase of meth addiction treatment. Starting with meth detox, SJRP’s treatment centers work clients through each stage of the recovery journey with appropriate levels of care, program additives, and therapeutic sessions. St. John’s meth detox center programs begin directly after an individual’s intake into the facility is complete and follows a standard period of operations to help people integrate into inpatient rehab with greater ease. SJRP’s meth detox order of events includes:

  • Intake: The client comes to the facility with their belongings for check-in, meets their treatment team, and settles in for their two to three-week stay. 
  • Initial Twenty-Four Hours: Clients are monitored through their first, typically most acute withdrawal phases. During this period, the client traditionally encounters their most uncomfortable symptoms at their most severe level, with side effect potency generally declining after the first thirty-six hours passes. Patients have constant access to medical professionals and emergency care in this phase.
  • Day Two to Week Two or Three: During this phase of meth withdrawal, the medical detox team monitors the patients’ conditions and progress twenty-four hours seven days a week, ensuring residents receive all personal, medical, emergency, and emotional support they need. 
  • End of Meth Detox: At the end of the two to three-week treatment period, residents transition into either a partial hospitalization program or SJRP’s residential rehabilitation program. Here they will still receive constant medical assistance but begin to engage in the therapeutic measures of addiction recovery on a much more intensive regimen. 

Meth withdrawal affects each client differently. Thus the detoxification process is not always a linear experience for everyone. Typically, the program lasts for about two to three weeks; clients enrolled in the program are under constant supervision and can access any medical, emergency, or emotional intervention they need. Generally, though, the detoxification process for meth withdrawal involves a great deal of quiet time. Individuals work through the most demanding initial stages of their recovery journey, helping their bodies readjust to operating without the drug so the resident can begin to mindfully distance themselves from the substance and fortify their will-power over time. 

Medical detoxification is not an easy phase of recovery to work through, but it is 100% necessary for an individual to experience to pursue long-term recovery and healing. At St. John’s Recovery Place, our therapeutic team, medical professionals, and daily staff all work together to ensure the detox period is as safe and accommodating to the individual as possible. SJRP strives to provide each client with as holistic a healing experience as possible, working tirelessly to help clients heal in mind, body, and spirit. 

If you or a loved one struggles with meth addiction, SJRP can help. To learn more about St. John’s, its meth detox center, holistic healing practices, and more, you can visit us online or give the admissions office a call at 1-833-397-3422. No matter where you are in your recovery journey, SJRP is ready and willing to help. Call us today to learn how to start working on your forever healing. 

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