St. John’s Recovery Place Offers Holistic Treatment Options for Drug Detox Centers in Orlando, Florida 

Drug detox centers in Orlando, FL, are stepping up to fight against the national substance abuse epidemic. Ever since opioid misuse cases alone began to account for more than 1.7 million substance abuse disorders in the United States, drug detox centers in Orlando, FL, and surrounding areas of the Sunshine State, dutifully took it upon themselves to serve their communities as best they can. Opioid use disorders account for tens of thousands of drug overdose deaths in the United States. But, fortunately, with the help of drug and alcohol rehab centers like St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP), individuals who struggle with opioid abuse have the opportunity to pursue long-term healing.  

An opioid use disorder does not have to result in death or life-long addiction. The condition, like other forms of substance use disorders, is a treatable illness. Even so, in comparison to other complex drug treatment processes, treatment of opioid use disorders can prove even more challenging. Yet, the practices utilized to heal from opioid misuse mirror other forms of addiction treatment, beginning with drug detox. Orlando, FL, rehabilitation centers, and other addiction treatment facilities in Florida readily equip themselves to come to the aid of any person in need. Addiction treatment is complex and challenging, but that does not mean recovering from an opioid use disorder is impossible.  

St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) Drug Detox in Orlando, FL 

At St. John’s Recovery Place, different recovery approaches help meet the needs of varying addiction cases and clients. No two substance use disorders or treatments will look exactly alike. The recovery process is not linear, and what may work for one client may not treat another resident half as well. Considering opioid use disorders are far more complex than typical substance addictions due to their high potency levels and range of side effects, a carefully cultivated recovery program must be mapped out for each individual. These carefully planned substance abuse treatment guides start with drug detox. Orlando, FL, drug detox centers, including SJRP, help manage the initial withdrawal process clients experience as their bodies work to readjust to functioning without the constant presence of drugs. 

St. John’s drug detox program spans two to three weeks, depending on the individual, and occurs before the client begins their residential treatment term. Depending on the severity of the client’s condition, therapeutic sessions, support group interaction, individual counseling, and skill-building methodologies typically used in SJRP’s inpatient programs may begin to help jump-start the client’s recovery journey. SJRP’s medical detoxification programs include 24/7 monitoring, emergency medical assistance (MAT), and emotional support/counseling as the individual remains a resident on the facility’s main recovery campus. 

Opioid withdrawal cases can produce severe periods of sometimes life-threatening detox side effects. Many individuals may need additional assistance to work through opioid withdrawal safely. Thus St. John’s offers MAT services to help stabilize clients’ conditions as they work through medical detox. In some exceptional cases, including many opioid withdrawal treatments, St. John’s medication assistance tools, and practices may also integrate into the initial drug detox period. Some of the medications SJRP utilizes in medication-assisted drug detox may include:

  • Naltrexone
  • Narcan
  • Buprenorphine
  • Suboxone
  • Naloxone

Withdrawal can produce an unpleasant list of side effects and symptoms for some people. In some cases, these symptoms can manifest dangerous, potentially life-threatening scenarios. Thus, St. John’s Recovery Place diligently provides its residents with quality medical services alongside therapeutic methodologies to ensure the safest, most beneficial withdrawal period for everyone. Depending on the individual, their insurance, and SJRP’s MAT guidelines, the rehab center may also utilize other proven medications in the withdrawal period to help stabilize a client’s condition and make them more comfortable. 

Join SJRP’s Drug Detox Center, Orlando FL’s, Best Option for Holistic Addiction Recovery Services 

The withdrawal process can prove a harrowing experience. But, with St. John’s Recovery Place, a safe drug detox, Orlando, FL’s communities are in safe hands. Combining traditional addiction recovery practices with proven alternative and complementary services additions, SJRP works to support a wide range of individuals working through almost any form of substance abuse. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, SJRP can help make the medical detoxification process and inpatient treatment a streamlined procedure built to fit your specific needs. 

Healing is possible, and it can be yours, starting now. Call 1-833-397-3422 to learn more about St. John’s, its holistic treatment alternatives, and drug detox programs today. You can expedite your recovery to begin your healing sooner than you ever would have imagined by calling now. 

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