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Finding the Right Drug Detox Center in Tampa, FL, How St. John’s Recovery Place Can Help 

Sparkling and full of life, Tampa, Florida, although well known and frequently visited, is only the third-largest metropolitan area in the Sunshine State. A rich cultivator of culture, Tampa builds itself economically on construction projects, tourism, finance departments, technology, and health care. Yet despite Tampa’s seemingly flawless marks of prosperity, the Tampa Bay community suffers significantly from the effects of substance abuse. 


Researchers estimate that over 188,000 people in Tampa, 12 and older, wrestle with a diagnosed substance use disorder (SUD). SUD cases are complex and can prove challenging for many individuals to overcome and frightening to face. Fortunately, individuals seeking treatment for a SUD have many resources to help them work through recovery. At St. John’s Recovery Place, medical professionals and treatment staff never put clients into a rehabilitative program without preparation. The client must first undergo a two to three-week preparatory program in a drug rehab center to begin the recovery process. With its dedication to providing its residents with exceptional health care, Tampa, FL, works alongside St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) to produce some of the best drug detox plans in the State. 


Drug addictions are complex conditions to treat and scary illnesses to live with. But with proper care, compassion, and time, anyone can overcome a SUD to live a happy, healthy, productive life again. St. John’s Recovery Place can help make long-term healing a reality. People seeking deliverance from drug addiction or a use disorder can begin their recovery journey with a tried and true medical detoxification program. 

SJRP’s Drug Detox in Tampa, FL 

Drug addiction treatment can involve several rehabilitation approaches. The therapeutic modalities utilized in treatment can vary significantly, depending on the rehabilitation center in use. At St. John’s Recovery Place, traditional, alternative, and complementary treatment approaches comprise the drug rehab’s network of program plans, all of which begin with SJRP’s brand of drug detox. Centers in Tampa, FL, look to start the addiction treatment process by easing residents into scheduled rehab services by beginning with a medical detoxification period. 


The detox period takes anywhere from two to three weeks at St. John’s. Its ultimate goal is to help eliminate residual drug accumulation from the individual’s system before starting structured therapy. During the drug detox period, clients will work through the withdrawal process with 24/7 supervision, having emergency medical access and continuous emotional support as their body dispenses of the last remnants of drugs in the body. The process of withdrawal can prove highly uncomfortable for some and more easing going for others. But during the duration of its presence, the process of withdrawal can produce dangerous side effects that may require immediate medical intervention. Some of the most common symptoms associated with general drug withdrawal include:


  • Insomnia 
  • Increased anxiety 
  • Drug cravings 
  • Unpredictable mood swings 
  • Irritability 
  • Nausea 
  • Fatigue 
  • Depressive symptoms 
  • Hot or cold flashes 
  • Runny nose 
  • Muscle aches and pain 


More severe withdrawal symptoms may include hallucinations, tremors, confusion, disorientation, and respiratory distress. Generally, though, withdrawal manifests as a bad cold. For these reasons, SJRP works to provide residents with a quality program for drug detox. Tampa, FL, weather and added sunshine can help ease the withdrawal process and make the client more comfortable as their bodies try to readjust to functioning without outside substances. The process is uncomfortable but necessary to begin complete rehabilitative treatment. 


SJRP’s drug detox program comprises 24/7 monitoring over a two to three-week period. Depending on the resident’s specific withdrawal needs, the St. John’s detoxification process can begin to incorporate individual counseling and therapy sessions, as well as emotional outlet and mindfulness skill training. Not one moment is wasted in the withdrawal period, with each detox being individually analyzed to keep pace with the resident’s progress. Once the individual is confirmed to have made it through the worst of the withdrawal process, they can then move into St. John’s residential inpatient program to continue their addiction recovery therapies in further detail. 

The SJRP Tampa Drug Detox Center Promise 

Many therapeutic outlets can aid the recovery process. Even though SJRP does not have a drug detox center in Tampa, FL, specifically, several St. John’s locations near to the area can help aid the community seeking relief from the effects of substance abuse. Combining traditional treatment methodologies with alternative recovery practices allows SJRP to offer clients drug detox and inpatient service programs that focus on holistic healing


If you or a loved one is wrestling with drug abuse, SJRP can prove the perfect drug detox center for you. Addiction no longer needs to control your life; with drug detox in Tampa, FL, and surrounding regions of the Sunshine State, you and your family can regain control to live a happy, healthy life, substance-free. Call 1-833-397-3422 to learn more about St. John’s Recovery Place, its admissions process, and how you can start drug detox today. 

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