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Drug abuse, the opioid epidemic, and addiction cause havoc in America as the nation spends billions of dollars trying to curtail the ever-growing public health crisis. Every year, overdose and other drug abuse-related complications are held responsible for causing over 70,000 deaths in the United States. Even so, substance abuse is on the rise as an estimated 32 million individuals are current illicit drug users. Over 11% of the American population ages 12 and older are slaves to addiction. 

Fortunately, even though harmful drug use is extensive in America, there are ways for individuals and communities to fight back. As a drug rehab in Florida, St. John’s Recovery Place works to help treat addiction while also educating individuals on various substances’ potency, early warning signs of abuse, risk factors for substance use disorders, and more. At St. John’s drug rehab centers in Florida, individuals 18 and older can readily find a treatment program designed to meet their needs with an educational component to help them and their families understand more about use disorders and long-term sobriety.  

Drug Rehab Centers in Florida, Pave the Way Towards Healing  

Substance use disorders, characterized by a lack of impulse control to use drugs, can have adverse effects on every area of an individual’s life. As a form of mental illness, these patterns of abuse can develop in any person regardless of their social standing, education, profession, age, or environment. Of course, some instances and circumstances can appear in a person’s life to make them more susceptible to the alluring, more immediate effects of drug abuse.  

Factors such as early childhood development, stress levels, a death in the family, peer pressure, physical abuse, lack of parental guidance, and more can all play a role in developing substance abuse disorders. There are even some cases of drug addiction that are born to accidental misuse of prescription medication. Regardless of the factors that bring drug abuse into fruition, chronic substance addictions are never a fate a person willingly chooses for themselves. Substance abuse disorders carry the potential to ruin, or in some cases, even end, life.


Addictions are born in the brain, where substances and the chemical makeup of the mind interact to produce physical effects. In some cases, these interactions can help individuals. Still, where consistent abuse is involved, drugs have the potential to entirely alter the brain to make it dependent on its presence for “normal” functioning. Luckily, the brain can heal—drug rehab centers in Florida work to guide the nation in producing more favorable addiction treatment programs. As a flagship for holistic addiction recovery services, St. John’s Recovery Place helps individuals learn how to reclaim healthy, plentiful lives full of happiness and healing every year.

St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) Drug Rehab in Florida 

St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) is a drug rehab in Florida dedicated to practicing holistic healing. In a league of its own, even for the Sunshine State, SJRP merges traditional and alternative rehab procedures with luxury and affordable treatment campus amenities. And with several addiction rehab locations situated across the State of Florida, St. John’s Recovery Place works to offer its residents more treatment opportunities than other rehab networks. SJRP’s drug rehab centers in Florida offer several treatment modalities and programs, including: 

  •       Medical detoxification programs 
  •       Neuro-integration healing therapies 
  •       Short- and long-term residential drug rehab programs 
  •       Intensive outpatient rehab programs 
  •       Outpatient rehabilitation services 
  •       Support group services 
  •       Aftercare services 
  •       Partial hospitalization rehab plans 
  •       Individual counseling 
  •       Group counseling 
  •       Family therapy 
  •       Mindfulness training 
  •       Medication assistance programs 

St. John’s Recovery Place also allows residents to engage in animal-assisted therapy programs and artful outlets of expression utilizing music, art, meditation, and adventure. Recovering from drug abuse is not a linear experience. Every person will have a wholly unique recovery journey. Thus, SJRP tailors its treatment plans to meet the needs of individual people, keeping in mind that not every person will benefit from the same treatment plan as another.  

If you or a loved one is wrestling with drug addiction, there is hope. As a leading drug rehab center in Florida, SJRP is ready and willing to help any individual seeking redemption from addiction obtain the services they need to achieve their goals for healing and recovery. Drug abuse no longer needs to rule your life. Call SJRP today at 1-833-397-3422 to learn more about drug rehab in Florida and how it can help you turn your life around for the better. It is never too late to start; call today to jumpstart your healing.

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