St. John’s Recovery Place Changes the Game for Drug Rehab Centers in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, Florida appeals to the masses with a wide range of cultural experiences and sunny days to enjoy. Encompassing more than 840 square miles, Jacksonville is the largest landmass city in the United States. Four times the size of Manhatten, Jacksonville rakes in large quantities of Sunshine State permanent residents and tourists each year, annually grossing over three billion dollars of economic revenue. Yet, despite the city’s boasting success and flushing opportunity to provide millions of individuals with happy lifestyles, drug rehab centers in Jacksonville, FL, are currently struggling.  

The last few years have taken a tremendous toll on American mental health and physical wellness. With rising stress levels and increased isolation, substance abuse disorders and overdose rates are striking an all-time high. Drug rehabs in Jacksonville, FL, are struggling to meet the needs of their communities, striving to provide society members with opportunities for quality care. For years Jacksonville drug rehab centers have worked to try and cultivate a treatment regimen that instills the city’s life into residential inhabitants. To a degree, some of these drug rehab centers in Jacksonville, FL, have had some success. But even so, St. John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) is here to help the Jacksonville community by providing leading addiction treatment services. 

SJRP’s Holistic Drug Rehab for Jacksonville, FL, Helps Treat Individuals Mind, Body, and Spirit 

For decades now, alcohol and drug rehab centers in Jacksonville, Florida, used traditional addiction treatment standards to guide their recovery programs. These programs are proven, accurate formulations of treatment. Still, with mounting research in progress, scientists and medical professionals have begun to realize that not all traditional therapies will work for all rehab clients. Drug addictions and substance use disorders (SUDs) are not commonplace illnesses. Even in their mildest forms, these conditions are complex and challenging to understand, let alone treat. Thus, even though traditional addiction treatment standards can work for many clients, recovery and drug rehab in Jacksonville, FL, must also change as the public health issue continues to grow and affect various types of people from varying backgrounds. 

 Even so, many drug rehab centers in the Sunshine State are struggling to keep up merely with their intake values, let alone their methods for SUD rehabilitation. Holistic alternatives to substance abuse medicine are relatively new, with research articles citing the need for further long-term studies to prove their relevance for solitary use in treatment. But SJRP sees the worth of these alternative therapies as complementary services. As a result, as SJRP continues to pursue holistic healing avenues for each of their non-linear program practices for individual residents, alternative and complementary drug rehab services are used at the recovery facility to help clients gain additional benefits from their addiction treatment. 

St. John’s Recovery Place utilizes both traditional standards and practices for addiction treatment alongside alternative services to cultivate the most well-rounded regimen for healing possible. No recovery network understands better than SJRP the need for quality un-linear intervention in addiction treatment. For this reason, all traditional and alternative services St. John’s utilizes are flexible, designed to meet the needs of each resident in turn. Client’s who enroll with St. John’s Recovery Place for addiction treatment can benefit from rehab services starting with detox, continuing well into the individual’s aftercare, years after they complete official rehabilitation. 

Starting SJRP’s Drug Rehab in Jacksonville, FL

St. John’s Recovery Place is a drug rehab like no other. Offering extensive treatment services from medical detox to mindfulness training and meditation, SJRP diligently applies traditional and alternative healing methods to aid each resident’s healing. As an innovative industry leader, St. John’s recognizes the importance of flexible treatment and the need for the recovery community to grow to meet new challenges. As a result, St. John’s Recovery  Place has taken it upon themselves to set a leading example of how traditional and alternative treatments can work together to cultivate the best holistic healing practice possible. 

If you or a loved one struggles with a drug use disorder, healing can be yours. With St. John’s drug rehab centers, Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding regions of the Sunshine State can change against the tide of mounting substance abuse cases to create an environment conducive for healing. If you would like to know more about SJRP and its alternative drug rehab, our Jacksonville, FL admissions location is open and willing to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 1-833-397-3422 to learn more about addiction and your treatment options with SJRP today! We are ready and waiting to help you begin your journey towards long-term sobriety. 

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