Drug and Alcohol Detox

St. John’s Recovery Place drug and alcohol detox program focuses on stabilization and comfort while your body adjusts to life without drugs or alcohol. The purpose of spending time in our Florida detox program is to allow your body to safely eliminate drugs or alcohol, a process more widely known as withdrawal. At St. John’s, detox is safe, medically monitored, and effective for clients. Our goal is to keep you comfortable and safe during your first few days here, when withdrawal symptoms are likely to be most challenging.

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Everyone experiences detox in a different way. One thing you won’t see at SJRP is suffering. Where many detox centers pride themselves on a “natural” process, or limitations to “comfort meds,” which equate to patients suffering and struggling during detox, at St. John’s Recovery Place we’re all about helping you to feel in control of your treatment. We believe that comfort medications are a major part of the recovery process and make a difference in how quickly you can start focusing on action steps that will lead to life long recovery.

While we can’t say what type of withdrawal you will have or how your drug or alcohol detox will go specifically, because everyone is different and each client is treated with absolute unique compassion and care, we can say that you will be heard when you come here to St. John’s. Detox is a challenging time for clients, it will challenge your will power and your tenacity, but at SJRP we will listen to what you say, do our best to keep you comfortable, and actively work with you to devise a treatment plan that will guide your early days in recovery.

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