Holistic Alcohol Rehab

The concept of holistic therapy for alcohol addiction is rather simple. If the entire system is not treated, you can’t expect the entire system to heal. At St. John’s Recovery Place, we specialize in helping clients overcome alcohol addiction by providing a wide range of therapeutic treatments. We have a whole person approach to care at our holistic alcohol rehab. Florida is a beautiful place for holistic alcohol rehabilitation. Come visit our holistic alcohol rehab center and begin the healing journey that was meant for your recovery.

The principle of holistic therapy is based on the concept of “Holism” that was conceptualized in the early 1920s. The original idea of Holism was simplistic and essentially encouraged the idea that all aspects of each system in question should be viewed individually and systematically and be treated as a whole, or simply as just one. Concerning therapeutic rehabilitation, this means that for a patient to experience a full recovery, all aspects of an individual must be impacted positively.  Holistic alcohol rehab centers aim to positively impact the lifestyle of each client so that they can continue to reap the benefits of holistic healing and recovery.

Holistic therapy works to integrate techniques that will positively impact the person in recovery mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. A vehicle cannot operate without an engine, just as an individual cannot operate without a balance in all areas of their lives. There is so much more for a patient to experience from rehabilitation than just the termination of substance abuse. St. John’s Recovery Place provides holistic alcohol rehab for those who are struggling with a drinking problem or who’s alcoholism has gotten out of control.

What is Holistic Alcohol Treatment?

The principle definition of holistic is “characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease”. This meaning that there is so much more for a patient to experience from rehabilitation than just ending alcohol use or the use of other substances.  Holistic alcohol rehab centers like St. John’s Recovery Place focus on helping clients to see the value in healing all aspects of their lives, not just from addiction, but spiritually from a lack of faith, physically from a lack of internal health, and psychologically from a lack of mental balance or poor mood.

The inherent focus of holistic therapy is to take each client’s unique circumstances for what they are and work to find ways to integrate new healthy patterns and activities that will impact every aspect of their lives. While there are numerous rehab centers all across Florida not all of them specialize in Holistic alcohol rehab nor do they specialize in treating the whole person the way St. John’s Recovery Place can at our holistic alcohol rehab. Florida rehab centers are difficult to navigate. Call our admissions team to learn more about holistic treatment options that might be helpful in your recovery.

Complementary Treatments & Holistic Therapy at SJRP

  • Massage Therapy: Holistic massage therapy has many positive aspects that can promote overall healing in patients. While the first thought that might come to mind when thinking of massage therapy would be relaxation, holistic massage benefits clients in many different ways including: reduction of cortisol levels, the release of endorphins, creating mind-body awareness and body positivity, and working to promote the alcohol detoxification process. Holistic residential treatment centers, like St. John’s Recovery Place, which offers massage therapy, report that clients who participate in this form of treatment experience stress relief and improved strength after just a few holistic massage therapy sessions.
  • Nutritional Therapy: Long term change works from the inside out. By practicing healthier eating habits, and introducing nutrients that possess nutritive and rejuvenating properties into the body your recovery is directly influenced internally. Here at St. John’s Recovery Place clients participate in advanced holistic therapy programs such as medical nutritional therapy programs which are designed to promote total body healing and to work in conjunction with physical exercise programming to improve their lifestyle. Each person in recovery will learn to become more appreciative of their body, its regenerative properties, and the lifestyle choices that guide continued abstinence and recovery. Lifestyle changes learned in nutrition based therapy for drug addiction recovery will last well-beyond the time spent in treatment.
  • Guided Meditation & Breathwork: Similar in practice and technique to yoga, guided meditation for addiction can promote healing and helps to ease the withdrawal process for individuals receiving alcohol addiction treatment. By practicing guided breathwork and holistic healing meditation clients can heighten the amount of oxygen that is being generated to the brain; this can promote craving reductions and an overall improved sense of self. Guided meditation for addiction recovery may even be effective in preventing relapse in the future.
  • Yoga & Exercise: For hundreds of years yoga has been associated with spiritual enlightenment, and has been used as a conduit for those looking to achieve a connection to a higher power or to simply becoming more in tune with themselves. Incorporating beginner and advanced yoga for addiction recovery is a natural way to reduce anxiety throughout the body, limiting stress levels, and working to minimize physical pain. A research study recently completed by Harvard University has shown that more than 1,600 participants concluded that yoga can improve daily function among people who were experiencing chronic pain and underlying problems with the spinal cord. Clients who participate in holistic therapy programs like Yoga for drug addiction benefit from enhanced physical and psychological well-being during their time at our holistic alcohol rehab. Florida even has several great locations for yoga and exercise, especially for St. John’s Recovery Place which is situated along a beautiful lake that spans over 13 miles long and more than 2 miles wide.
  • Spiritual Therapy: Every individual has a different perspective of faith, God, or a higher power. While each person has their own decisions in regards to faith, in many cases it has been proven beneficial for those seeking recovery to connect and dig deep within their faith while in a holistic rehab center. In many 12 step programs, there are elements of spirituality that are ingrained into fundamental recovery principles and for those who are spiritually connected, this concept works well. Spirituality guided interventions and spiritual therapy for depression can be integrated to help connect the overall recovery experience from initial intervention to rehabilitation while giving into a larger perspective that extends beyond oneself. St. John’s Recovery Place holistic rehab center provides spiritual guidance to those who seek to follow their faith or to grow faith in spirituality, but such interaction is not a requirement of participation in our holistic alcohol rehab program.
  • Equine Therapy for Addiction: Proven to be highly beneficial for individuals in rehabilitation, equine therapy for drug addiction focuses on building bonds between horses and the struggling client. Animals are intuitive creatures that easily bond with humans and can be reflective of their moods and feelings during holistic therapy. Improved physical stamina, greater self-awareness, and increased confidence in acquiring new skills are just a few of the benefits of equine therapy. Florida recovery center clients report ongoing improvements in self-esteem following their time in equine therapy here at St. John’s Recovery Place.
  • Art Therapy for Addiction: Life imitates art. That said, individuals seeking art therapy and addiction recovery have the ability to express themselves in whatever artistic form they desire which is especially helpful when the words just don’t do justice. Whether clients wish to be drawing, painting, or sculpting, we strong believe in the benefits of this form of therapy. Clients that participate in art therapy for alcoholism here at SJRP benefit from having an outlet to communicate effectively with peers, decreasing shame, and promoting reflection on past emotions and life situations. These are just a few benefits of art therapy. Florida holistic recovery programs, like the art therapy program at St. John’s Recovery Place are able to focus heavily on helping clients get to the root of their alcohol use, defining what it is that causes them to drink and learning how to recognize triggers that could later lead to relapse if left untreated.
  • Adventure Therapy for Addiction: Also known as outdoor behavioral therapy or wilderness therapy, St. John’s Recovery Place is proud to offer several forms of adventure therapy at our holistic alcohol rehab. Florida is home to a diverse landscape with plenty of adventure to be had. Adventure therapy has been used as a part of treatments since the 1960s. Adventure therapy benefits every individual in the program by providing the ability to experience the outdoors in the most natural and purest state possible. Adventure therapy programs may involve ziplining, surfing at the beach, hiking the trails or a visit to the lake. Generally, adventure therapy at St. John’s Recovery Place is designed as a group activity where individuals can work together as a team to build up their skills. Together, clients learn adaptability to new environments, how to use resources that are available to them, and how to incorporate communication skills with their peers.

Benefits of Holistic Alcohol Rehab Programs

One of the biggest differences between holistic therapy and traditional therapy is that the implementation of holistic alcohol treatment has benefits that are experienced throughout rehabilitation and well-beyond into the recovery lifestyle. Whereas not all treatment programs provide recovery therapies that can be integrated outside the walls of a rehabilitation center, holistic treatments focus on changed lifestyle behaviors that can be influenced and integrated into everyday routines.

There are many benefits to participating in holistic alcohol rehab in comparison to various other therapeutic approaches. Holistic alcohol treatment benefits include:

  • Stress relief, reduction of cortisol levels and increase of dopamine
  • Self-confidence and self-assurance
  • Developing a routine and creating balance
  • Improved daily patterns in healthier nutrition, physical exercise and
  • Healthy coping mechanisms
  • Reduction in cravings
  • Patients can learn affordable practices such as yoga and meditation that can be used outside of treatment

Healing in Holistic Alcohol Treatment Centers

Treatment and rehabilitation may appear complex and difficult to navigate, especially with so many forms of treatment available.  Add the steps needed to detox into the mix and confusion is likely. You may feel overwhelmed but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Holistic recovery programs are customized for each patient designed to meet their needs. At St. John’s Recovery Place we find the approach that is best for your recovery, whether that means a focus on art and music therapy or spending more time outdoors to become more in tune with nature and to spend time self-reflecting, our goal is to provide the holistic therapies that are most conducive to your recovery so that you can get well.

Healing approaches here are never delivered in a one-size-fits-all package because recovery is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It just doesn’t work that way! One thing you won’t find is a single, “everyone follows the same path” approach to treatment at our holistic alcohol rehab. Florida addiction and recovery programs like ours are hard to come by. So many treatment centers use cookie-cutter approaches that just don’t work!

If you or someone you love is struggling with a drinking problem, holistic alcohol rehab at St. John’s Recovery Place offers a retreat from the overwhelming struggle where you can focus on healing your mind, body, and spirit.  Every minute that you spend in treatment places you one minute closer to lifelong recovery. Don’t delay, call our holistic alcohol rehab team at 833-397-3422 today.


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