Co-Occurring Disorder & Dual-Diagnosis – Dual diagnosis is used when referencing an individual with a substance abuse disorder along with mental health issues. These mental health issues include PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc. Any combination of addiction and mental health disorder is considered a co-occurring diagnosis. For instance, anorexia and cocaine dependence, depression and alcoholism, and anxiety and prescription drug dependence Many times people seek ways to aid symptoms they are experiencing from a mental illness and self-medicate using prescription drugs. At first this may help alleviate symptoms they originally had, but later find themselves with worsening symptoms. These symptoms often involve craving more drugs or alcohol, increase tolerance levels, and worsening withdrawal symptoms. As a result of continual use, their mental health issues become harder and harder to manage.

We know that when the body feels good there’s a better chance our minds will perform better. While at the facility we want our clients to gather as many tools as possible to combat addiction. This will take mental strength and effort and we believe that our massage therapy program will help. At SJRP are all about making the recovery process go as smoothly as possible. It might be difficult at times for a client to talk about their past and personal life and it may even hurt and be uncomfortable during times at treatment. This is normal because the client is learning how to let go of the past and develop new and positive habits that are unfamiliar.

During the detox period, the body starts to withdraw from drugs and alcohol. Most clients experience physical symptoms that range from mild to severe, causing the body to be in pain and uncomfortable. At times, clients might not always know why they feel the way they do, and some are even unable to verbalize their feeling and thoughts. This is why we launched our massage and full body healing therapy that allows our clients to relieve stress in other healthy ways.

We believe that it is imperative to incorporate massage and total body healing therapy into your treatment plan.

The best way to rebuild lives in recovery from a co-occurring disorder, is to give comprehensive care that begins during the detox process, and continues throughout the aftercare support and treatment. Mental health professionals should not only consult with their peers, but with clinical therapists and other addiction specialists in order to create a treatment plan specific for the individual disorder. You can be confident that SJRP understands how to help those suffering from co-occurring disorder. We have highly qualified medical, clinical and therapeutic professionals working together to support and care for you or your loved one while with us.

If you or someone you know is suffering from multiple diagnoses, please contact us today so we can customize a successful long-term treatment plan for you or your loved one.

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