LSD – LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide-25) is the most powerful hallucinogenic known to man after the salvia plant. This ergotamine rye fungus extract was discovered by Dr. Albert Hofmann while working for Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland in 1938. A dose strong enough to induce an 8 to 12 hour phantasmagoria acid trip could fit on the head of a pin. This psychedelic drug is known for its vibrant visual hallucinations more than any other psychedelic, which made it so popular during the ’60s up to the ’90s. It is estimated that millions of doses were distributed annually around the country that were produced by just a few labs on the west coast. Due to the potency, millions of doses could quietly be contained in a gallon-sized jug. It can cause delusions and unpredictable behaviors. Although it is not physically addictive, it can cause psychological intrigue, confusion, and situations of lapsed judgment that can lead to death. The risk of death is heavily increased when it is combined with other drugs such as alcohol and if taken while driving.

If hallucinogenic drugs or any other substances are being abused by you, it’s important that you seek out help as soon as possible. You should never think that your substance abuse isn’t serious enough to warrant treatment. Delaying treatment means that it will be much more difficult for you to be able to get the help you need. You need to be honest with yourself and anyone working to help you in a treatment program. At St John’s Recovery Place, we understand that every client has certain needs. Our treatment plans are designed to help clients on an individual basis. Give us a call today to discuss admissions and any other ways we can help you or your loved one with overcoming substance abuse and addiction.

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