Opiates / Heroin – Opiates, also called opioids, are a class of drugs commonly abused in the United States. These drugs include prescription medication and the illicit drug heroin. They are responsible for substance abuse and addiction in millions of American men and women, including teenagers and young adults. Due to their highly addictive nature and euphoric effects, it can be extremely difficult for you or a loved one to get over opioid addiction or substance abuse. Severe and sometimes life-threatening withdrawal symptoms may develop if you try to quit on your own. For these reasons, withdrawing from opioids is best done in a medically-supervised setting where you can receive the necessary care and treatment.

If you or someone close to you is struggling with opiate/heroin addiction or abuse, contact St John’s Recovery Place now. Our admissions counselors can answer your questions and tell you what to expect from a treatment plan. Although quitting heroin use is a challenge, help from the professional and caring staff at St John’s Recovery Place can maximize the chances for a successful recovery.

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