Neuro Integration Therapy &  Brain Mapping for Addiction Recovery

At SJRP, we use state-of-the-art treatment therapies and evidence-based practices to help individuals struggling with a substance use disorder heal and recover. Neuro integration therapy and brain mapping are highly effective methods of patient assessment and treatment that we offer to all clients that participate in our residential treatment programs. Each client’s custom brain mapping session results in tangible, easy to read, visual representations of their brain. A virtual map that outlines key problem areas or “hot spots,” the brain map is used by both our medical and clinical teams to devise unique treatment plans for each client at our Florida drug and alcohol rehab center.

Watch as NIT Specialist’s Regina & John Discuss Brain Mapping at SJRP

Don’t let the name fool you — Neurointegration therapy is nothing like the invasive treatments that were once used for mental health patients many years ago. Our brain mapping and neuro integration services therapy programs provide minimally invasive treatment for substance abuse and addiction. The process is painless, non-invasive, and highly effective. Most clients find this to be one of the most relaxing and beneficial forms of therapy during their time at SJRP.

To learn more about how neuro integration therapy and brain mapping guide the recovery process for clients at St. John’s Recovery Place, call our admissions team at 833-397-3422 and ask about the Neuro Therapy Program offered at our holistic drug rehab in Florida.

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