Does Aetna Insurance Coverage Cover Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

If you struggle with substance use disorder and are looking to enter into a drug and alcohol recovery program, you have probably already begun looking into how you can pay for your treatment. There are many different types of insurance companies, and insurance plans out there for you to choose from and be covered by. Of course, not every insurance company or policy is the same, and depending what type of plan you have, or even what state in the U.S. you live in, can affect what types of services your personal insurance policy can and will cover for you.

At this point, if you have a policy under Aetna insurance, you may be wondering if your personal plan is enough to cover your drug and alcohol treatment costs, or if you will need to start finding other means of paying for your treatment.

At St John’s Recovery Place (SJRP), we work hard to provide our clients with a quality basis of care and understanding, throughout the many different levels of recovery and treatment. As a part of that care, SJRP works hard to provide clients with the opportunity to work with their insurance through us, in order to pay for their treatment. Here at SJRP, we work with many different insurances, so ultimately it will come down to whether or not your personal policy covers the cost of drug and alcohol rehab.

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Brief History of Aetna Insurance

Originally founded in 1853, the insurance company Aetna had its start in Hartford, CT. Like many other insurance companies, Aetna works hard to serve a broad community of people from all different walks of life, professions, and places.

Aetna first and foremost claims to be a company that is all about the people and advancing healthy communities. And as the world has changed and evolved from 1853 to now, Aetna continues to work to serve their clients, now more than ever working to build a new consumer healthcare experience, for everyone who has an insurance policy with the company.

What Does My Aetna Insurance Policy Cover?

Aetna’s dedication to providing consumers with quality care is great, but what exactly is covered under their insurance policy? It depends on what type of policy you are personally enrolled in. Aetna has many different types of insurance policies, all of which come with different levels of coverage and care. So, if you already have a policy with the company, you’ll want to be sure to check what kind of coverage your plan provides you with.

If you aren’t sure what type of coverage your personal Aetna plan will cover, it is important that you get in contact with the company to find out, especially if you are looking into enrolling in a drug and alcohol treatment program soon. Depending on your specific policy, your addiction treatment may be covered in either full or partial amounts. If you are unsure where to start looking for specific information on your plan, you can either call the company or try visiting their member login website. Otherwise, Aetna insurance plans typically include:

HMO plans

Extremely affordable, but limiting. Clients can only work with physicians in the network of this plan, and typically do not suffer from any chronic or severe conditions.

POS plans

Are also affordable, but allow clients the chance to work with healthcare physicians that are out of the network’s coverage. This type of coverage is a little more expensive than the first, but also allows clients the opportunity to work with specific specialists they may need for some chronic conditions.

EPO plans

A less commonly known insurance type that limits clients to working with in-network care systems only, but has a larger network available to clients than an HMO plan. Has a larger national network for clients to work with, especially if they need to see a specialist for a specific condition they have.

PPO plans

Also known as “the plan with the most freedom”, this plan is pricier than the previous ones mentioned, but always clients to work with both in-network and out-of-network providers.

HDHP with HSA plans

These types of plans can operate in a multitude of ways, but typically involve lower premium costs, but have higher out-of-pocket expenses for clients to work around. This kind of plan works best for an individual who is managing a chronic health condition but cannot afford high monthly premiums.

Policies Vary

Many Aetna insurance policies and their affiliates are primarily Medicare developed plans (that also offer Medicaid policy options) that work to provide individuals, companies, and providers with a well-rounded network of quality care professionals. Each policy plan varies a bit from each other in terms of which types of treatments they cover, and if you have more questions, you can always call Aetna, or visit their webpage to obtain more information about their policies and your personal coverage. But overall, if you have an insurance policy with Aetna, you can expect:

  • Prescription drug coverage
  • 24/7 access to your personal plan and coverage through the Aetna website
  • Assistance with your personal concerns and questions
  • Patient confidentiality on both state and federal levels
  • Access to participating, in-network providers and services
  • Treatment coordination
  • National coverage
  • Management of your personal healthcare case

Does Aetna Cover Rehab?

Understanding the ins and outs of insurance policies can be difficult, confusing, and frustrating. Typically, Aetna insurance policies that have lower premium costs only allow clients to work with specific in-network providers and care services, but there are some plans available to consumers that can also cover out-of-network costs and services.

Aetna healthcare works to care for their clients no matter what their circumstances may be. As a result, most insurance policies with the company cover the alcohol and drug addiction treatment process from the very beginning to the very end, involving the screening process to determine the disorder, all the way through in-network after care programs. As an in-network Aetna care provider, Saint John’s Recovery Place (SJRP) helps clients who struggle with substance use disorders to enter into their drug and alcohol rehab programs with a little more peace of mind.

As an in-network care provider, clients who hold even less expensive Aetna insurance policies can have at least part of their treatment covered by the healthcare company at a lower cost. Insurance and addiction recovery can be frustrating to try and understand, and often hard to work through, but it does not have to be impossible or limit the amount or type of treatment a client can receive. The most common drug and alcohol addiction treatments that are covered by Aetna insurance include: